Trail of a Terrorist


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After being trained at Osama Bin Laden's terrorist camps in Afghanistan, becoming skilled in urban warfare, sabotage, and covert operations, Ahmed Ressam was ready to carry out his mission: a millennium attack on America. Only the alertness of a customs agent at the U.S./Canadian border on December 14, 1999, prevented him from finishing the mission. Ressam's hesitant answers to her questions led agents to search his car, where they discovered a powerful bomb and the attack plot. At his own trial,Ressam remained silent, but in later testimony against an accomplice, he revealed his motives, methods, and links to an Algerian terrorist group that had carried out bombings in Europe. Frontline correspondent Terence McKenna follows the trail of a terrorist through Ressam's testimony, police files, and the help of U.S., Canadian, and French officials.