The War Briefing
Frontline Season 27

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Award winning Frontline producer Marcela Gaviria teams with correspondent Martin Smith to offer this sobering look at the many trials and tribulations that face President-elect Barack Obama as he prepares to take office and contend some of the most formidable challenges ever to face a first-term president. With wars raging on two fronts, an overstretched military on the verge of collapse, a newly emboldened Taliban, and a reconstituted Al Queda operating safely in the lawless tribal areas of Pakistan, how exactly is President Obama supposed to fight the war on terror while patching up the US economy? At a time when some troops in Afghanistan are on their fifth deployment, we stand at a point where the Taliban and Al Queda can launch attacks from insurgent safe havens in Pakistan. While American Special Forces have begun launching ground attacks on these tribal areas, they have done so without the permission or consent of the Pakistani government, in turn fueling tensions with the country's army and new civilian leaders. Are there really any workable solutions to these problems, and, if not, how can we hope to achieve peace while still ensuring the safety of Americans both at home and abroad? These are but a few of the issues that President Obama will have to address after he is sworn in on January 20, 2009; should he fail to address them with the greatest of caution, it could spell tragedy for the entire global community.


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