Black Money


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Venture deep inside the shadowy world of Saudi princes, defense contractor pay-offs, and pressure politics in London and Washington as Frontline correspondent Lowell Bergman weaves a sordid story that reads like a high-stakes political thriller. Despite a concerted effort by the U.S. Department of Justice, international bribery remains a trillion dollar-a-year business. In researching over 100 ongoing cases, Department of Justice chief international bribery prosecutor Mark Mendelsohn surmises that the U.S. has collected nearly a $1.5 billion in fines from foreign bribery cases in the past two years alone. Meanwhile, a BAE insider reveals how the British aerospace behemoth was able to land a $80 billion jet fighter contract with the Saudis by proving the royal family with cars, chartered jets, and luxury vacations, and how Saudi threats are preventing the U.K. government from taking the case to court. As the insider prepares to speak with American prosecutors, questions of how the Justice Department will handle the BAE case, and the potentially disastrous effects to the U.S. labor force, point to the flow of black money being a key component to world finances.


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