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Five years after infiltrating the Ohio prison system to investigate the plight of its mentally ill inmates, Frontline filmmakers Karen O'Connor and Miri Navasky explore just what happens to those convicts are released back into society. As the old psychiatric hospitals were closed down across the nation, some patients were transferred into prisons. Lynn Moore is a paranoid schizophrenic with a history of drug and alcohol abuse. Arrested more than twenty times before being sent to prison, he prepares to face the outside world after finishing his fourth prison term. Upon release, Moore attempts to regain his footing in society by living in a homeless shelter. But every day is a battle, and Moore eventually gives in to the voices in his head, attacking a trailer home where he believes evil figures have gathered. Meanwhile, Keith Williams is about to be released from Northcoast, one of Ohio's last remaining state hospitals. His nurse claims that Keith is getting better, but they worry that he will experience a psychotic episode when released back into his community in Toledo. How can you truly be free when you're trapped in your own mind, and how can the mentally ill receive effective treatment while being shuffled between homeless shelters, group homes, and short-term care facilities?


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