When Aliens Attack


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While trying to relax on the beach, the Planet Express crew gets involved in an alien attack from the planet Omicron Persei 8. Zapp Brannigan leads the counterattack to destroy the mothership, but he destroys the Hubble telescope instead. It turns out that all the aliens want is the season finale of the television show "Single Female Lawyer." Unfortunately, when the show was supposed to air back in 1999, Fry delivered a pizza to FOX and accidentally knocked the station off the air. To appease the aliens, the crew decides to re-create the final episode with Leela playing Jenny McNeal, the "Single Female Lawyer."


Billy West
as Fry/Prof. Farnsworth/Dr. Zoidberg
Katey Sagal
as Leela
John DiMaggio
as Bender
John DiMaggio
as Bender
Phil LaMarr
as Hermes Conrad
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