Lorelai Out of Water


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After surprising herself by agreeing to go on a fishing date with her new beau, Alex (BILLY BURKE), Lorelai asks Luke for a lesson in fishing techniques. Meanwhile, the political battle between Rory and Paris escalates when Paris tries to have Rory impeached. Lane plots to go to the prom with a guitarist, Dave (recurring guest star ADAM BRODY). And Luke asks an attorney, Nicole (recurring guest star TRICIA O'KELLEY), on a date.


Lauren Graham
as Lorelai Gilmore
Alexis Bledel
as Rory Gilmore
Keiko Agena
as Lane Kim
Melissa McCarthy
as Sookie St. James
Yanic Truesdale
as Michel Gerard
Liza Weil
as Paris Geller
Milo Ventimiglia
as Jess Mariano
Jared Padalecki
as Dean Forester
Kelly Bishop
as Emily Gilmore
Edward Herrmann
as Richard Gilmore
Emily Kuroda
as Mrs. Kim
Liz Torres
as Miss Patty
Adam Brody
as Dave Rygalski
Tricia O'Kelley
as Nicole Leahy
Roz Witt
as Mrs. Traiger
Jae Woo Lee
as Minister
Eric Kan
as Groom
Samson Yi
as Young Chui
Joe Woo Lee
as Minister
Teal Redmann
as Louise Grant
Dakin Matthews
as Hanlin Charleston
Jim Ortlieb
as Mr. Hunter
Shelly Cole
as Madeline Lynn
Michael Winters
as Taylor Doose
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