Ballrooms & Biscotti


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Immediately upon returning from a whirlwind summer backpacking trip to Europe, Lorelai (series star LAUREN GRAHAM) and Rory (series star ALEXIS BLEDEL) Gilmore embark on a heavily scheduled week of mother/daughter activities, in bittersweet anticipation of Rory going away to Yale University as a freshman. But a number of situations conspire to make things harder than expected for them. After an exhausting day of handing out gifts to everyone--except, to Lorelai's dismay, coffee shop owner Luke Danes (series star SCOTT PATTERSON), for whom they couldn't find anything good enough--Rory is horrified to discover that she wrote down the wrong day for her departure. Instead of having a week and a half, they must do everything they had planned within three days. Meanwhile, Taylor Doose opens a soda shop near Luke's diner and, unbeknownst to Rory, hires eccentric resident Kirk to advertise her as the "Ice Cream Queen."


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