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Immediately upon returning from a whirlwind summer backpacking trip to Europe, Lorelai (series star LAUREN GRAHAM) and Rory (series star ALEXIS BLEDEL) Gilmore embark on a heavily scheduled week of mother/daughter activities, in bittersweet anticipation of Rory going away to Yale University as a freshman. But a number of situations conspire to make things harder than expected for them. After an exhausting day of handing out gifts to everyone--except, to Lorelai's dismay, coffee shop owner Luke Danes (series star SCOTT PATTERSON), for whom they couldn't find anything good enough--Rory is horrified to discover that she wrote down the wrong day for her departure. Instead of having a week and a half, they must do everything they had planned within three days. Meanwhile, Taylor Doose opens a soda shop near Luke's diner and, unbeknownst to Rory, hires eccentric resident Kirk to advertise her as the "Ice Cream Queen."


Lauren Graham
as Lorelai Gilmore
Alexis Bledel
as Rory Gilmore
Scott Patterson
as Luke Danes
Melissa McCarthy
as Sookie St. James
Jeanine T. Anderson
as Soda Shop Employee
Michael Winters
as Taylor Doose
Rachel Marinacci
as Soda Shop Employee
Seth Todd
as Soda Shop Employee
Jackson Douglas
as Jackson Belleville
Kelly Bishop
as Emily Gilmore
Abraham Zucker
as Soda Shop Employee
Sally Struthers
as Babette Dell
Edward Herrmann
as Richard Gilmore
Ted Rooney
as Morey Dell
Emily Kuroda
as Mrs. Kim
Liz Torres
as Miss Patty
Kelly Klein
as Soda Shop Employee
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