The Party's Over


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Rory is honored when Emily and Richard give a party to introduce her to their Yale alumni friends, but it soon becomes obvious that their ulterior motive is to find her a suitable husband. When Dean (recurring guest star JARED PADALECKI) arrives at the party to pick Rory up, he realizes he doesn't belong in her privileged world. Meanwhile, Luke cooks a romantic dinner for Lorelai, but their evening is interrupted by newlyweds Liz (KATHLEEN WILHOITE - "ER") and T.J. (MICHAEL DeLUISE - "NYPD Blue"), who are feuding.


Lauren Graham
as Lorelai Gilmore
Alexis Bledel
as Rory Gilmore
Keiko Agena
as Lane Kim
Melissa McCarthy
as Sookie St. James
Yanic Truesdale
as Michel Gerard
Liza Weil
as Paris Geller
Sean Gunn
as Kirk Gleason
Kelly Bishop
as Emily Gilmore
Edward Herrmann
as Richard Gilmore
Liz Torres
as Miss Patty
Michael Winters
as Taylor Doose
Jackson Douglas
as Jackson Melville
Emily Kuroda
as Mrs. Kim
Michael DeLuise
as T.J. McKellen
James Snyder
as Yale Guy #1
Alan Loayza
as Colin McRea
Matt Czuchry
as Logan Huntzberger
Jared Padalecki
as Dean Forester
Michael Bullard
as Andrew Head
Trev Broudy
as Caterer
Josh Jacobson
as Yale Guy #2
Trevor Murphy
as Kip Barnes
Jordan Belfri
as Jordan Chase
Teddy Cannon Singers
as Donnen Sanderson
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