He's Slippin' Him Bread...Dig?


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After a long absence, Christopher Haden (recurring guest star DAVID SUTCLIFFE - "I'm With Her," "Under the Tuscan Sun"), Rory's father, reappears in the lives of Lorelai and Rory. Luke struggles with what the presence of Christopher will mean to him and his relationship with Lorelai. Lorelai and Rory enjoy their first Thanksgiving at the Dragonfly Inn, and Rory receives surprising news about Logan. Meanwhile, on the eve of an important gig for the band, Lane has to deal with Zack's (recurring guest star TODD LOWE) jealousy over a song Brian (recurring guest star JOHN CABRERA) wrote about her. Grammy Award winner CAROLE KING - composer, producer and singer of the "Gilmore Girls" theme song, "Where You Lead," recurs as Sophie Bloom, the owner of Stars Hollow's music shop.


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