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After surviving their relationship's on-again/off-again genesis, Serena and Dan finally acknowledge that they are crazy about each other, despite their polar-opposite worlds that constantly threaten to pull them apart. Chuck contemplates investing in a burlesque club, hoping to make his hard-to-please father, Bart (recurring guest star ROBERT JOHN BURKE), proud of him. Nate confronts his father, the Captain (recurring guest star SAM ROBARDS), about the drugs he found in the house, but the Captain denies having a problem. Jenny discovers a secret that her father, Rufus, and mother, Alison (SUSAN MISNER), have been keeping from her. And Blair is once again devastated by Nate's actions after Jenny reveals that Nate accidentally kissed her, thinking she was Serena.


Blake Lively
as Serena van der Woodsen
Leighton Meester
as Blair Waldorf
Penn Badgley
as Dan Humphrey
Chace Crawford
as Nate Archibald
Taylor Momsen
as Jenny Humphrey
Ed Westwick
as Chuck Bass
Kelly Rutherford
as Lily van der Woodsen
Matthew Settle
as Rufus Humphrey
Sam Robards
as Howie `The Chief' Archibald
Susan Misner
as Alison Humphrey
Francie Swift
as Ann Archibald
Jessica Szohr
as Vanessa Abrams
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