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This stage production from Britain presents classically-trained thespian David Tennant in one of his most acclaimed roles - as William Shakespeare's Hamlet. As produced by Gregory Doran for the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2008, it also stars Patrick Stewart as Claudius, Pennie Downie as Gertrude and Mariah Gale as Ophelia.


Patrick Stewart
as Claudius
David Tennant
as Hamlet
Patrick Stewart
as Claudius
David Tennant
as Hamlet
Penny Downie
as Gertrude
Penny Downie
as Gertrude
Mariah Gale
as Ophelia
Sam Alexander
as Rosencrantz/Second Gravedigger
Tom Davey
as Guildenstern
Mark Hadfield
as Gravedigger
John Woodvine
as Player King
Ryan Gage
as Osric; Player Queen
Samuel Dutton
as Dumbshow King
Jim Hooper
as Dumbshow Queen/Priest
David Ajala
as Reynaldo/Dumbshow Poisoner
Keith Osborn
as Marcellus
Ewen Cummins
as Barnardo
Robert Curtis
as Francisco/Fortinbras
Roderick Smith
as Voltemand
Andrea Harris
as Cornelia
Ricky Champ
as Lucianus
Riann Steele
as Lady-in-Waiting
Zoe Thorne
as Lady-in-Waiting
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