The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour


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The Beatles' Merry Pranksters-inspired "Magical Mystery Tour," fully restored and featuring a remixed soundtrack that includes the title song, "The Fool on the Hill," "Flying," "I Am the Walrus," "Blue Jay Way" and "Your Mother Should Know." The loose, unscripted story finds the Fab Four and friends setting off on a bus trip through the British countryside; and contains silliness, dream sequences and, of course, musical interludes.


John Lennon
as Himself
Paul McCartney
as Himself
Ringo Starr
as Himself
Mal Evans
as Magician
Jessie Robins
as Aunt Jessie
Derek Royle
as Jolly Jimmy Johnson
Mandy Weet
as Wendy Winters
Ivor Cutler
as Buster Bloodvessel
Victor Spinetti
as Army Sergeant
George Claydon
as Photographer
Jan Carson
as Stripper
Shirley Evans
as Accordionist
Nat Jackley
as Rubber Man
Nicola Hale
as Little Girl Nicola
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