Green Acres (1965 - 1971)

Green Acres

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A popular, broadly played hoot about a city couple enjoying life down on the farm. The show came on the heels of `Petticoat Junction' and `The Beverly Hillbillies,' making CBS the place to be for cornpone comedy in the 1960s. Regulars from `Acres' and `Junction' routinely crossed over---easy enough since both series were set in the town of Hooterville.

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1970, CBS, 26 episodes

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1969, CBS, 26 episodes

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1968, CBS, 26 episodes

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1967, CBS, 30 episodes

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1966, CBS, 30 episodes

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1965, CBS, 32 episodes


Eddie Albert
as Oliver Wendell Douglas
Eva Gabor
as Lisa Douglas
Pat Buttram
as Mr. Haney
Tom Lester
as Eb Dawson
Frank Cady
as Sam Drucker
Alvy Moore
as Hank Kimball
Hank Patterson
as Fred Ziffell
Sid Melton
as Alf Monroe
Kay E. Kuter
as Newt Kiley
Judith McConnell
as Darlene Wheeler
Barbara Pepper
as Doris Ziffel
Fran Ryan
as Doris Ziffel
Robert Foulk
as Roy Trendell
Hal Smith
as Harry Bleedwell
Rick Lenz
as Brian Williams
Merie Earle
as Sarah Hotchkiss Trendell
Bea Benaderet
as Kate Bradley
Phil Gordon
as Carl Flint
Craig Huebing
as Mr. Bennett
Johnny Whitaker
as Dinky Watson
Jesse White
as George Jenkins
Frank Ferguson
as Dr. Stuart
Lori Saunders
as Bobbie Jo Bradley
Pat Cranshaw
as Grandpa
Robert Nichols
as Postal Clerk #2
Robert Rockwell
as Prof. Rockwell
Garry Walberg
as Deputy Sheriff
Frederic Downs
as Mr. Harrison
Jay Jostyn
as Harold Gilmore
Peggy Russell
as Agnes Cudahy
John Daly
as Narrator
Jeff DeBenning
as Mr. Clement
Myrna Hansen
as Ingrid Hilda
Tom Lowell
as TV Announcer
Bob Hastings
as Telephone Man
Jack Wagner
as Announcer
John Wheeler
as Mr. Dabney
Jane Connell
as Clara Burton
Walter S. Baldwin
as Grandpappy Miller
Cindy Eilbacher
as Young Girl
George Ives
as Principal
Fabian Dean
as Painter
Howard I. Smith
as Judge Clemens
Tom D'Andrea
as Sergeant
Edwin Max
as Driver
Gordon Jump
as Surveyor
Christopher Shea
as 10-Year-Old Wizard
Ketty Lester
as Receptionist
Al Lanti
as Phil the Workman
Jay Sommers
as Teleplay
Ray Teal
as Mr. Grimes
Bert Holland
as Conductor
Don Keefer
as Carl Kelly
Kristin Nelson
as Carol Kenworthy
Emmaline Henry
as Lillian Grant
Emory Parnell
as Sheriff Blake
Owen Cunningham
as Rev. Clements
Ivor Barry
as Chauffer
John Harmon
as Jack Parker
Bob Jellison
as Roland Wilson
Allan Melvin
as Mr. Wheeler
Robert Noble
as Newscaster
Elsie Baker
as Old Lady
Virginia Sale
as Selma Plout
Sam Edwards
as Wally Wilkins
Damian O'Flynn
as Desk Clerk
Herbert Anderson
as Mr. Wurthwaxer
Helen Kleeb
as Mrs. Maxwell
Dave Barry
as Insurance Man
Joe Higgins
as Sheriff
Roy Roberts
as Governor
Peter Leeds
as Moving Man
Allison McKay
as Plumber's Wife
Lilia Skala
as Mother-in-Law
Buddy Foster
as Emory Duckin
Trudi Ames
as High School Girl
Nora Denney
as Operator
Joe Hernandez
as Race Announcer
Richard Deacon
as Oglethorpe
Jack Perkins
as Police Officer
Skip Young
as Campaign Worker
Alan Baxter
as Deputy Sheriff
Dave Ketchum
as Photographer
Bill McLean
as Lineman
Paula Morgan
as Miss Hawkney
Stanley Farrar
as Dr. Fillmore
Howard Wendell
as Bennington
John "Red" Fox
as Second Tanker
Leslie McRae
as Hula Girl
Tony Fraser
as Horace Milford
Norman Leavitt
as Telephone Man
Ray Kellogg
as Bailiff
Ted Fish
as Deputy
Jordan Rhodes
as Dr. Livermore
Debi Storm
as Martha
Hal Baylor
as Policeman
Linda Kaye
as Betty Jo
Jan Arvan
as Governor's Secretary
Robert Sampson
as Police Officer
Robert S. Carson
as Sen. Hansen
George Furth
as Mark Allan
Elaine Joyce
as Ex-Secretary
Jack Bailey
as Announcer
Sam Weston
as Farm Man
Tommy Roe
as Tadpole Talbot
Donald Curtis
as Curly Robins
Les Brown Jr.
as Sergeant
Raymond Kark
as Frank Finney
Iris Adrian
as Mrs. Bennett
Willis Bouchey
as Mr. Felton
Lester Dorr
as Mr. Collins
Mary Treen
as Operator
Hal Riddle
as Farley
Lennie Bremen
as Bartender
Stuart Erwin
as Johnson
Sarah Selby
as Mrs. Hockmeister
Henry Oliver
as Genessee
Barbara Morrison
as Mrs. Wilson
Richard Hale
as Carl Hinkley
William Lanteau
as Registrar
Chris Anders
as German #2
Cliff Norton
as Harry Grant
Harold Ayer
as Sheriff
Sid Gross
as Sternweiss
Michael Keenan
as German #3
Al Lewis
as Charlie
Barbara Drew
as Secretary
Dave Willock
as Bennington
Renie Riano
as Stewardess
Gail Bonney
as Mrs. Miller
Leo Fuchs
as Old Gent
Robert Strauss
as Native American
John Lawrence
as Moving Man #1
Joe Conley
as Policeman
Dave Morick
as Policeman
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 15, 1965
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producer: Paul Henning
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