No Man's Land


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Despite a grim prognosis, Cristina (Sandra Oh) stubbornly insists upon giving extra-special treatment to cancer patient Liz Fallon (Anna Maria Horsford), who happens to have been the longtime scrub nurse for Meredith's surgeon mother Ellis Grey (Kate Burton). In other developments, a constructor worker is brought to the hospital after shooting six nails in his head, a feat that turns out to be something far more than an on-the-job accident; and George (T.R. Knight) rebels at being treated as "one of the girls" by roomies Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Izzie (Katherine Heigl). The episode's high point occurs when Alex (Justin Chambers) comes across a sexy lingerie ad featuring Izzie, which he then pastes all over the interns' locker room--leading to an extremely revealing moment!


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