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Doctors at a Seattle teaching hospital hone their bedside manners on and off the job in this medical drama.

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Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2019, ABC, 21 episodes

Critics Consensus: Grey's Anatomy continues to diagnose and treat previous season's weaknesses to deliver a seemingly impossible 15th season of original storytelling.

2018, ABC, 25 episodes

Critics Consensus: Grey's Anatomy's dramatic thrills continue unabated in season 14 with a series of episodes whose consistent emotional impact is deepened by the growth of previously marginalized characters.

2017, ABC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2016, ABC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Grey's Anatomy reinvents itself after shedding much of its original ensemble, proving its longevity with an engrossing season that brings new players into the spotlight.

2015, ABC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Grey's Anatomy breaks hearts and some viewers' trust with perhaps its most shocking death yet, with the series demonstrating its solid foundations by confidently pressing onward.

2014, ABC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Grey's Anatomy recovers from the tumult of the climactic plane crash that rocked the ensemble the previous year, finding new grace notes in mourning while sending off Sandra Oh in style.

2013, ABC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2012, ABC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2011, ABC, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2010, ABC, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2009, ABC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Grey's channels its trademark sexy-soapy tone of seasons past for a fifth installment that's rejuvenated by some much needed character development.

2008, ABC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2007, ABC, 17 episodes

Critics Consensus: Infatuation for this twisty drama will have worn off for many viewers as the plotting gets increasingly ludicrous, but fans of these amorous doctors will still find plenty to love.

2006, ABC, 25 episodes

Critics Consensus: Grey's Anatomy graduates into a grand melodrama in its second season, with its band of frisky interns forming romantic complications that are as outrageous as the medical calamities they juggle in each installment.

2005, ABC, 27 episodes

Critics Consensus: A guilty pleasure that's short on guts, Grey's Anatomy and its cast of improbably fresh-faced characters may be addictive, but lack authenticity.

2005, ABC, 9 episodes


Ellen Pompeo
as Meredith Grey
Justin Chambers
as Alex Karev
James Pickens Jr.
as Richard Webber
Chandra Wilson
as Miranda Bailey
Sara Ramirez
as Callie Torres
Kevin Mckidd
as Owen Hunt
Jessica Capshaw
as Arizona Robbins
Jesse Williams
as Jackson Avery
Sarah Drew
as April Kepner
Jerrika Hinton
as Stephanie Edwards
Caterina Scorsone
as Amelia Shepherd
Jason George
as Ben Warren
Kelly J. McCreary
as Margaret "Maggie" Pierce
Kelly McCreary
as Margaret "Maggie" Pierce
Patrick Dempsey
as Derek Shepherd
Martin Henderson
as Nathan Riggs
Steven Culp
as Dr. Parker
Giacomo Gianniotti
as Abndrew DeLuca
Sandra Oh
as Cristina Yang
Katherine Heigl
as Izzie Stevens
Tina Majorino
as Intern Heather
Isaiah Washington
as Preston Burke
T.R. Knight
as George O'Malley
Jerrika D. Hinton
as Intern Stephanie
Eric Dane
as Mark Sloan
Kate Walsh
as Addison Shepherd
Constance Zimmer
as Alana Cahill
Chyler Leigh
as Lexie Grey
Debbie Allen
as Catherine Avery
Loretta Devine
as Adele Webber
Kate Burton
as Ellis Grey
Sarah Utterback
as Nurse Olivia
Chris O'Donnell
as Finn Dandridge
Jeff Perry
as Thatcher Grey
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
as Denny Duquette
Kali Rocha
as Sydney Heron
George Dzundza
as Harold O'Malley
Debra Monk
as Louise O'Malley
Kyle Chandler
as Dylan Young
Brooke Smith
as Erica Hahn
Edward Herrmann
as Norman Shales
Mary McDonnell
as Virginia Dixon
Amy Madigan
as Dr. Wyatt
Melissa George
as Sadie Harris
Robert Baker
as Charles Percy
Nora Zehetner
as Reed Adamson
Kim Raver
as Teddy Altman
James Tupper
as Andrew Perkins
Gaius Charles
as Shane Ross
Tessa Ferrer
as Leah Murphy
Jaicy Elliot
as Taryn Helm
Loretta Devine
as Mrs. Webber
Alex Landi
as Nico Kim
Samantha Sloyan
as Penny Blake
Jake Borelli
as Levi Schmitt
Greg Germann
as Tom Koracick
Geena Davis
as Nicole Herman
Marika Dominczyk
as Eliza Minnick
Alex Blue Davis
as Casey Parker
Sophia Ali
as Dahlia Qadri
Chris Carmack
as Atticus "Link" Lincoln
Greg Pitts
as Jerry O'Malley
Moe Irvin
as Tyler Christian
Rachael Taylor
as Dr. Lucy Fields
Payton Silver
as Dr. Knox
John Bishop
as James Carlson
Peter MacNicol
as Phil Stark
Mitch Pileggi
as Larry Jennings
Brandon Scott
as Intern Ryan
Mark Saul
as Intern Steve
Richard Jenik
as Jimmy Shelton
Larry Cahn
as Dr. Taylor
Rushi Kota
as Vik Roy
Richard Flood
as Cormac Hayes
Joe Adler
as Isaac Cross
Amanda Fuller
as Dr. Morgan Peterson
Jack Yang
as Walter
Donovan Leitch
as Rick Friart
Barrett Doss
as Vic Hughes
Scott Elrod
as Eric Thorpe
Kelly Wolf
as Carly Height
Shi Ne Nielson
as Paramedic
Rachel Ticotin
as Marie Cerone
Ping Wu
as Seymour Glass
Gloria Garayua
as Intern Graziella
John O'Brien
as Technician
Tsai Chin
as Helen
Isiah Washington
as Preston Burke
Brad Pennington
as Radiologist
Shi Ne Nielson
as Paramedic
Stephen Lee
as Mr. Gibson
Neve Campbell
as Liz Sheperd
Tom Irwin
as Officer Hancock
Margaret Welsh
as Dorie Russell
Candice Afia
as Intern Laura
Sean Palmer
as Intern #3
Kathleen M. Darcy
as Anestheseologist
Mac Brandt
as Paramedic #3
Ray Ford
as Ray the Paramedic
Pat Healy
as Tom Russell
Joseph Williamson
as Intern Pierce
Shaan Sharma
as Omar Singh
Kate Mines
as Nurse Gloria
Jane Morris
as Mrs. Goff
Frankie Faison
as William Bailey
Tyne Daly
as Carolyn
Kate Anthony
as GI Nurse
Peyton Kennedy
as Betty Nelson
Jeanine Jason
as Sam Bello
Teresa Huang
as OR Nurse
Connie Ray
as April's Mom
Taryn Helm
as Jaicy Elliot
Bryce Robinson
as Timothy Ward
Brent Briscoe
as Henry Lamott
Carl Lundstedt
as Reggie Dalton
Kerri Higuchi
as Peds Intern
Ravi Patel
as Tamir Dahr
Grace Rowe
as Paramedic Grace
Anjul Nigam
as Dr. Raj Prahbu
Darby Camp
as Erin Miller
Sophia Ali Taylor
as Dahlia Qadri
Jeanine Mason
as Sam Bello
Arielle Hader
as Toby Donnelly
Linara Washington
as Gretchen McKay
Patricia Bethune
as Older Nurse
John Cappon
as Paramedic #1
Helene McCardle
as ER Doctor
Debra Mooney
as Mrs. Hunt
Kimberly Elise
as Dr. Swender
Embeth Davidtz
as Derek's Sister
Walter Wong
as Echo Tech
Brent Sexton
as Jerry Frost
Keith David
as Lloyd Mackie
Bruce Weitz
as Mr. Levangie
Alice Lu
as Qing Lo
Keith Coogan
as Wade Solomon
Kevin Rahm
as Cable Duff
Tymberlee Chanel
as Intern Claire
Cathy Diane Tomlin
as Alex's Other Examiner
Molly Kidder
as Intern Megan
Wren T. Brown
as Roseridge Administrator
Sage Correa
as Gage Dean
Cathy Diane Tomlin
as Alex's Other Examiner
Susan Ortiz
as Cristina's Other Examiner
James DuMont
as Sheldon
Taylor Nichols
as Mr. Humphrey
Lauren Bowles
as Alice Franklin
Alex S. Alexander
as Annie Connors
Sarah Hagan
as Devo Friedman
Winston Story
as Intern Leo
Wayne Wilderson
as Bill Adams
Natalie Cole
as Mrs. Booker
Angela Goethals
as Kelly Roche
Ben Vereen
as Archie
F.J. Rio
as Jorge Cruz
Shohreh Aghdashloo
as Helen Crawford
Joan McMurtrey
as Zoey Glass
Wendy Gazelle
as Julie Phillips
Zibby Allen
as Temp Nurse
Lara Phillips
as Mr. Levangie's Daughter
Valerie Cruz
as Zona Cruz
Josh Stamberg
as Tommy Walker
Adina Porter
as Dr. Ramsey
Michelle Ongkingco
as Nicole Verma
Beth Grant
as Sheila Olsen
Daniel Wilson
as Radiology Tech
Wendy Davis
as Holly Adams
Romy Rosemont
as Lea Seibert
Alex Downs
as AA Member #2
Mandy Siegfried
as Molly Thompson
Roger Rees
as Colin Marlow
Denice Sealy
as ER Nurse
Keeshan Giles
as Intern #3
Skyler Shaye
as Katie Bryce
Don R. McManus
as Samuel Linden
Domingo Vara
as AA Member #3
Jake McLaughlin
as Aaron Karev
Albert Hall
as Eugene Foote
Jaina Lee Ortiz
as Andy Herrera
Tom Choi
as Fluoroscope Tech
Kelsey Kemper
as Shelley's Daughter
Dale Dickey
as Emily "Gasoline" Bennett
Lukas Behnken
as Scott Seibert
Patty Yasutake
as Mrs. Verma
Matthew Morrison
as Paul Stadler
Richard Roundtree
as Donald Burke
Amy Landers
as Marla Kristler
Frances Fisher
as Betty Johnson
Faye Dunaway
as Dr. Campbell
Tim Griffin
as Ronny O'Malley
John Cho
as Marshall
Rosanna Arquette
as Constance Ferguson
Roxanne Hart
as Dana Seabury
August Schellenberg
as Clay Bedonie
Stephen Culp
as Dr. Parker
Amanda MacDonald
as Claire Rice
Eileen Ryan
as Majorie Reed
Sunkrish Bala
as Steve Murphy
Candis Cayne
as Michelle Velez
Jayne Brook
as Gwen Graber
Dana Davis
as Gretchen
Chris Hendrie
as Dr. Harry Victor
Rene Auberjonois
as Neil Sheridan
Jennifer Grey
as Carol Dickinson
Danielle Panabaker
as Kelsey Simmons
Jack Merrill
as Technician
Ingrid Walters
as Nurse Vivian
John Getz
as Michael
Ernie Hudson
as Brad McDougall
Holland Roden
as Gretchen Shaw
Stacey Hinnen
as Mr. Johnson
Patrick Fabian
as Dr. LeBackes
Katherine LaNasa
as Kalpana Vera
Tyrees Allen
as Dr. Saltzman
Joel Grey
as Dr. Singer
Jessica Tuck
as Shannon's Mom
Ralph Waite
as Irving Waller
Allan Louis
as Ronald Lace
Vanessa Marano
as Holly Wheeler
Jim Turner
as Dr. Schacter
James Remar
as James "Jimmy" Evans
Sally Pressman
as Young Ellis Grey
Sumalee Montano
as Lena McCallister
Monique Cash
as Gail Webber
Amy Acker
as Kathleen Shepherd
Jerry Kernion
as Bobby Corso
Frank Kopyc
as John Driscoll
Anne Dudek
as Elise Castor
Mandalynn Carlson
as Jessica Tanner
Ed Lauter
as Timothy Miller
Madison Leisle
as Lisa (blonde girl)
Clea DuVall
as Jennifer
Cathy Lind Hayes
as Nurse Debbie
Martin Yu
as Resident
Sara Giller
as Waitress
Devin Way
as Blake Simms
Shoshannah Stern
as Lauren Riley
Yvonne Farrow
as Heart Patient's Wife
Alexis Carra
as Other Woman
Philip Casnoff
as Dr. Mel Barnett
Charlie Hofheimer
as Jason Castor
Kimberly Guerrero
as Mrs. McNeill
Brie Eley
as Administrative Assistant
Elise Robertson
as Ms. Johnson
Joe Nieves
as Michael Baker
Julie Warner
as Rebecca Lanz
W. Earl Brown
as Herb Cramer
Marla Sokoloff
as Glenda Castillo
Kimberly Quinn
as Reena Thompson
June Squibb
as Elsie Clatch
Amber Stevens
as Laurel Benson
Williams Daniels
as Cristina's Examiner
Lorraine Toussaint
as Dr. Fincher
Marguerite Moreau
as Dr. Emma Marling
Klea Scott
as Dr. Eldredge
Elaine Kagan
as Mrs. Griswold
Hilary Tuck
as Julie Jacobson
Rosalie Ward
as Mrs. Corso
Harrison Page
as Daniel Cobb
Drew Powell
as Carl Shatler
Russell Hornsby
as Digby Owens
Elizabeth Tobias
as Boise Chief
Rebecca Field
as Sabine McNeil
Heidi Sulzman
as Samantha
Kendall Joy Hall
as Little Stephanie
Lindsay Wagner
as Helen Karev
Peter Page
as Benjamin O'Leary
Tom Amandes
as Charlie Waller
Angelina Hong
as Sobbing Woman
Tom Griffin
as Ronny O'Malley
Ariel Felix
as Intern #1
Wayne Lopez
as Paramedic #2
Mae Whitman
as Heather Douglas
Kathryn Meisle
as Mrs. Monroe
Mary Lynn Rajskub
as Marion Steiner
Amy Cale Peterson
as Nursing Home Staffer
Rusty Schwimmer
as Patricia Phillips
Hal Holbrook
as Lewis Clatch
Abigail McFarlane
as Jamie Anders
Ellen Crawford
as Carrie Reisler
Thad Luckinbill
as Kevin Banks
Stacy Edwards
as Kathleen Wheeler
Michael Melhoan
as Doug Thomas
Brian Howe
as Cat Man/Robert Fischer
Mary Passeri
as Jeannie Reed
Kate Lang Johnson
as Mindy Wallace
Bubba Lewis
as Kendrick
Judith Moreland
as Mrs. Baer
Joanie Fox
as Sara's Mom
Isabella Hofmann
as Irene Waller
Sarah Paulson
as Young Ellis Grey
Amy Rosoff
as Kira Donnelly
Miguel Nájera
as Janitor Mike
Gary Kraus
as Louis Cardon
JD Cullum
as Lloyd
Casey Wilson
as Courtney Hall
Richard Lawson
as Bill Pierce
Renni Santoni
as Mr. Griswold
L. Scott Caldwell
as Allison Cobb
Billy Wood
as Senior Resident
Judith Hoag
as Rhada Douglas
Rebecca Hazlewood
as Maria Keaton
Frank Wood
as Frank Wheeler
Sarah Jane Morris
as Emily Vaughn
Leith M. Burke
as Dr. McQueen
Patrick Fischler
as Jake Steiner
Yolanda Snowball
as Physical Therapist
Thai Douglas
as Examiner
Ned Vaughn
as Airline Lawyer
Lindsey Kraft
as Lisa Campbell
Elizabeth Sampson
as Ruth O'Leary
Perry Smith
as Mrs. Anderson
Mia Barron
as Lauren Turner
Beverly Todd
as Gilda Bix
Michael Carbonaro
as Dominic Zicaro
Manu Narayan
as Eric Patel
Phil LaMarr
as Steve Duncan
Alex Désert
as Miles Green
Mia Wesley
as Karen's Mom
Joyce Lee
as Julia
Chelcie Ross
as Harper Avery
J. August Richards
as Young Richard Webber
Denis Arndt
as Colonel Robbins
Keong Sim
as Dr. Park
Brian Tee
as Climber
Jeremy Rabb
as ER Resident
Susan Chuang
as Naomi Evans
Lance Henriksen
as Griffin McColl
Missi Pyle
as Nicole Bayklow
Evans Brown
as Orderly
Gina Gallego
as Lucia Torres
Jeff Holman
as Mr. Felker
Alyssa Shafer
as Kelly Temple
Nathan Halliday
as Jake Fisher
Ron Bottitta
as Alex's Examiner
David Pevsner
as Examiner
Maura Soden
as Librarian
Julie Wittner
as Mrs. Crossley
Joe Dinicol
as Mitchell
Irene Choi
as Ashley
Erica Green
as Chelsea
Alveraz Ricardez
as James Maurer
Javier Grajeda
as Jeffrey Hernandez
Pepper Sweeney
as Lisa's Dad
Hayley McFarland
as Rory Williams
Joy Osmanski
as Intern Lucy
David Ramsey
as Jimmy Thompson
Lenora May
as Sheila Turkovsky
Tommy Snider
as Edward Taylor
Melinda Page Hamilton
as Dr. Jennifer Page Stanley
Brian Scolaro
as Mike Zicaro
Abigail Mavity
as Ariel Williams
Caroline Williams
as Alison Clark
Jon Curry
as Fred Fisher
Jimmy Smagula
as Tommy Zicaro
Anthony S. Johnson
as Transplant Surgeon
Peter Breitmayer
as Carson Methodist Doctor
Ian Jensen
as Phillip Nichols
Kenneth Meseroll
as Ron Turkovsky
Adam Busch
as Fred Wilson
Chelsea Harris
as Lori Bosson
Lak Rana
as Pediatric Surgeon
Bill Malone
as Jon McNeil
Richard Keith
as Intern Mitch
Adam Lazarre-White
as Oncology Resident
Pamela Reed
as Mrs. Banks
Judith Ivey
as Barbara Robbins
Sean Donnellan
as Mr. Crossley
Kyle Wise
as Christopher
Lina Green
as Chandler
Sinqua Walls
as Tom Kates
James Nardini
as Anguished Dad
Amy Benedict
as Nancy Temple