Carol's Papers


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Figuring that he's immune from punishment by Dewey High's Principal DeWitt (Sam Anderson) because he's still in junior high school, Ben (Jeremy Miller) "borrows" his sister Carol's old term papers and sells them to current Dewey students. And how does he plan to spend the money? Why, by dating a sexy "older woman" (18 years old to be exact) named Marlene (Tracey Wells). Alas, Mr. DeWitt quickly tumbles to Ben's scheme, whereupon an outraged Jason (Alan Thicke) subjects both Ben and his unindicted co-conspirator Mike (Kirk Cameron) to a "grilling" worthy of the Spanish Inquisition.


Kirk Cameron
as Mike Seaver
Tracey Gold
as Carol Seaver
Jeremy Miller
as Ben Seaver
Ahmet Zappa
as Louie
Tracy Wells
as Marlene
Sam Anderson
as Principal DeWitt
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