Jason Sings the Blues


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Luke (Leonardo DiCaprio) is afraid to go to the doctor, so Jason (Alan Thicke) goes along with him from moral support. Ironically, though Luke is given a clean bill of health, Jason is diagnosed with a hernia and slated for surgery! This means that Mike (Kirk Cameron) will have to take Jason's place at an important psychiatric banquet--but Mike shifts his responsiblities to Luke and Ben (Jeremy Miller). Even so, the "fun" doesn't really get under way until Jason begins exhibiting bizarre side effects from his painkillers.


Alan Thicke
as Dr. Jason Seaver
Joanna Kerns
as Maggie Seaver
Kirk Cameron
as Mike Seaver
Tracey Gold
as Carol Seaver
Natalya Pavlova
as Fatimah
Jeremy Miller
as Ben Seaver
Alan Haufrect
as Dr. Solakian
Nick DeMauro
as Mariachi
Kedric Wolfe
as Mariachi
Ellen Crawford
as Dr. Whiteside
Carol Henry
as Receptionist
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