Gundam Wing ( - 2000)

Gundam Wing

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Animated adventures of five teens from space colonies who are selected to pilot a prototype weapon system and wage guerrilla war against a repressive society on Earth. `Gundam' is a hugely popular franchise in Japan.


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2000, Cartoon Network, 0 episodes


Mark Hildreth
as Heero Yuy
Scott McNeil
as Duo Maxwell
Brian Drummond
as Zechs Merquise
David Kaye
as Treize Khushrenada
Brad Swaile
as Quatre Raebe Winner
Saffron Henderson
as Lucrezia Noin
Kirby Morrow
as Trowa Barton
Ted Cole
as Chang Wufei
Lisa Ann Beley
as Relena Peacecraft
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TV Network: Cartoon Network
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Genre: Anime & Manga
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