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Celebrities are constantly in the public eye but not everyone is a fan. Each week on H8R, celebrities from the world of television, sports and music will go head to head with their biggest haters real people who don't like them and try to win them over. Hosted by Mario Lopez (Extra), H8R will strive to disprove some of the misconceptions and stereotypes people have about the celebrities they love to hate, proving you can't always judge a book by its cover or by the covers of tabloids. Viewers will see a side to celebrities rarely seen by the public, as they do their best to turn their haters around. Will the haters be impressed or will they refuse to change their minds? In the series premiere, Snooki (Jersey Shore) surprises her hater and tries to win over his entire family. Plus, Jake Pavelka (The Bachelor) faces his biggest hater at the Bachelor mansion ... with what results?


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