Lost Gold Ship; John Hunt Morgan Saddle; Cesar Chavez Banner


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Questions for the detectives concern the 1897 Klondike gold rush, a Civil War-era saddle and California farmworkers-union leader Cesar Chavez. Is a shipwreck that an Alaska environmentalist finds in a secluded delta the ship that "launched" the gold rush? (Actually, it carried the first men who struck gold back to Seattle.) It sank 13 years later. As for the saddle, its owner thinks it belonged to John Hunt Morgan, "the south's most notorious guerrilla general," says detective Wes Cowan, a descendant of one of Morgan's "raiders." And the Chavez segment concerns a banner in the labor archive at San Francisco State University. Was it carried on Chavez' 1966 march from Delano, Cal., to Sacramento in support of efforts of organize grape pickers?