Hogan's Heroes (1965 - 1971)

Hogan's Heroes

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Farcical tales of Allied POWs in World War II at the expense of their bumbling German captors. Bob Crane, in his signature role, made mental mincemeat of his enemies. And while the topic of Nazis as humor might seem odd (though it worked for Ernst Lubitsch in 1942's `To Be or Not to Be' and, more recently, for Mel Brooks in `The Producers'), the series was highly popular and garnered Werner Klemperer, himself a refugee from Nazi Germany, two Emmys for his role as inept camp commander Klink.

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1970, CBS, 24 episodes

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1969, CBS, 26 episodes

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1968, CBS, 26 episodes

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1967, CBS, 30 episodes

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1966, CBS, 30 episodes

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1965, CBS, 32 episodes


Bob Crane
as Col. Robert Hogan
Werner Klemperer
as Col. Wilhelm Klink
John Banner
as Sgt. Hans Schultz
as Louis LeBeau
Richard Dawson
as Peter Newkirk
Larry Hovis
as Sgt. Andrew Carter
Ivan Dixon
as Sgt. James Kinchloe
Kenneth Washington
as Sgt. Richard Baker
Leon Askin
as Burkhalter
Sigrid Valdis
as Gretchen
Bernard Fox
as Crittendon
Dave Morick
as Cpl. Sontag
Jon Cedar
as Cpl. Langenscheidt
Walter Janowitz
as Schnitzer
Eddie Knight
as Maj. Klopfer
John Hoyt
as Field Marshal Von Galter
Frank Marth
as Capt. Milheiser
John Myhers
as Von Heinke
Henry Corden
as Von Kaplow
Kathleen Freeman
as Mrs. Linkmeyer
John Orchard
as Walters
Bard Stevens
as Capt. Krug
Harold Gould
as Gen. Von Lintzer
Ruta Lee
as Doctor
Willard Sage
as Lt. Schmidt (Durnitz)
Chet Stratton
as Blue Fox
John Dehner
as Von Platzen
Jay Sheffield
as Sergeant
Chris Anders
as Wolfgang
Anne Rogers
as Lady Chitterly
Karl Bruck
as Dr. Krull
Diana Chesney
as Woman Clerk
Tom Hatten
as Martin
Laurie Main
as Col. Franz
Barbara Babcock
as Maria Schmidt
Michael Fox
as Capt. Ritter
Elisa Ingram
as ATS Sergeant
Woodrow Parfrey
as Schneider
Dan Tobin
as Van Treger
Roger C. Carmel
as General Schmidt
Richard Alden
as Bartender
Milton Selzer
as Sgt. Reinhold Franks
Sidney Clute
as Sparrow
Arthur Hanson
as Bank Manager
Lee Bergere
as Von Sichel
Marlyn Mason
as Chanteuse
Hal Lynch
as Copilot
Vito Scotti
as Maj. Bonacelli
Whit Bissell
as General
Rick Traeger
as Krieger
Young Buck
as 2nd Officer
Martin Blaine
as Gestapo Officer
Muriel Landers
as Nurse Gerda
Eric Morris
as Capt. Streicker
Anthony Eustrel
as Maj. Kronman
Marilyn Mason
as Lily Franklin
Gail Kobe
as Lilli
Inge Jaklin
as Fraulein
Jack Good
as Capt. Henderson
Brett Parker
as Officer #2
Lyn Peters
as Audrey St. Laurence
Jayne Massey
as Marie DuBois
Lincoln Demyan
as Master Sgt. McMahon
Wendy Wilson
as Maria Hoffman
George Tyne
as Capt. Ferguson
George N. Neise
as Capt. Mueller
Malachi Throne
as Gestapo Agent
Hans Conried
as Italian Officer
James Gregory
as Biedenbender
John Cedar
as Manneheim
Bert Freed
as Bernsdorf
Carl Carlsson
as Bartender
Alan Bergmann
as Maj. Martin (Hans Strasser)
Curt Lowens
as Gestapo Captain
Ina Victor
as Suzette
Barry O'Hara
as Sgt. Meadows
Fredd Wayne
as Kristman
Ernest Sarracino
as Mr. Garlotti
Ned Wertimer
as Kesselring
James Frawley
as Gestapo Captain
Isabelle Cooley
as Princess Yawanda
Vincent Van Lynn
as German Major
Barbara Morrison
as Gretchen Schultz
Robert Gibbons
as Civilian Technician
Booth Colman
as Capt. Guenther
Sivi Aberg
as Juliana
Norma Eberhardt
as Marlene Schneider
Pitt Herbert
as German #1
Harry Lauter
as Submarine Captain
Joseph Mell
as Klutzler
Jackie Joseph
as Charlene Hemsley
Barry Ford
as Hercules
Sam Melville
as Lt. Crandall (Schmidt)
Bill Henry
as Florist
Marion Brash
as Gretchen
Ronald Long
as Maj. Blair
H.M. Wynant
as Col. Becker
Mike Murphy
as Comminsky
Ramon Bieri
as Steiner
Eric Lord
as Burgomeister
Bob Garrett
as Cpl. Kohler
Ivan Triesault
as Gen. Von Katz
Laurie Mitchell
as Honey Hornburg
Wendy Dawn Wilson
as Red Riding Hood
Jim Begg
as Commando #1
Don Knight
as RAF Captain
Joe E. Tata
as Tony Garlotti
George Cisar
as Gen. Boland
Lynnette Mettey
as Fraulein Hibbler
Victor French
as Commando #2
Todd Martin
as Gestapo Officer
Martin Kosleck
as Gen. Mueller
Peter Bourne
as Leader Four
Frank Deal
as Sergeant
Johnny Haymer
as Gen. Sharp
Leonid Kinskey
as Vladimir Minsk
Jerry Ayres
as Capt. Warren
Erik Stern
as German Partisan
J. Walter Smith
as American POW
Richard Sinatra
as Sgt. Riley
Frankie Van
as Referee
Judson Morgan
as Schindler (Brewster)
William Beckley
as RAF Intelligence Man
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 17, 1965
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producer: Bernard Fein
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