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The period drama begins with the Women's Institute in a rural British town being dissolved by Joyce, its president, due to the impending World War II. Frances, however, tries to revive the group with a jam-making project.


Samantha Bond
as Frances Barden
Francesca Annis
as Joyce Cameron
Clare Calbraith
as Steph Farrow
Brian Fletcher
as Little Stan Farrow
Daniel Ryan
as Bryn Brindsley
Daisy Badger
as Claire Hillman
Ruth Gemmell
as Sarah Collingborne
Claire Price
as Miriam Brindsley
Rachel Hurd-Wood
as Kate Campbell
Frances Grey
as Erica Campbell
Mark Bazeley
as Bob Simms
Mike Noble
as Spencer Wilson
Mike Noble
as Spencer Wilson
Fenella Woolgar
as Alison Scotlock
Leanne Best
as Teresa Fenchurch
Leila Mimmack
as Laura Campbell
Ed Stoppard
as Dr. Will Campbell
Mark Umbers
as Nick Lucas
Nicola Sloane
as Hazel Flintham
Jim Whelan
as Thumbs
Jodie Hamblet
as Jenny Marshall
Will Attenborough
as David Brindsley
Philip McGinley
as Richard Bowers
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