Loose Ends


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Duncan is ordered by someone closely connected to the plot to get rid of an insider when investigators get closer to discovering the conspiracy to kill the president. Meanwhile, Duncan takes the next step in his master plan, and gives Ellen the poison she is to use to kill the commander in chief.


Toni Collette
as Ellen Sanders
Dylan McDermott
as Duncan Carlisle
Tate Donovan
as Brian Sanders
Sandrine Holt
as Sandrine Gonzales
Rhys Coiro
as Kramer Delaney
Billy Brown
as Archer Petit
Quinn Shephard
as Morgan Sanders
Mateus Ward
as Jake Sanders
James Naughton
as President Kincaid
Duke Lafoon
as Dr. Kagan
Allyson Morgan
as Creasy's Secretary
Sharrieff Pugh
as Herman Walker
Josh Banks
as Lab Tech
Tim Ransom
as Dr. Hank Evans
Lizzy Brooks
as Teenage Girl
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