Paul Conrad: Drawing Fire


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Filmmakers Barbara Multer-Wellin and Jeffrey Abelson pay tribute to three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Paul Conrad in this documentary featuring nearly 200 of his best-known cartoons in addition to interviews with Conrad's family, friends, and colleagues. While the prominent cartoonist has been honored with many prestigious awards throughout his rich and rewarding career, the distinction that Conrad holds dearest is the inclusion of his name on Richard Nixon's 1973 list of enemies. A native of Cedar Rapids, IA, Conrad first began cartooning for the University of Iowa's student newspaper while earning his B.A. in art. Upon graduation, Conrad quickly landed a job at the Denver Post , where he would remain for 14 years and meet his future wife Kay King. Later lured away to the Los Angeles Times , Conrad played a pivotal role in helping the local, right-leaning publication transform itself into an influential paper of national significance. While many critics would attempt to fault Conrad for his liberal stance on issues, he refused to bend to any political party and frequently showed just how informed his opinions truly were by setting his sights on Republicans and Democrats alike. Later, when the Los Angeles Times went from being a family-owned publication to the lone asset of a massive, multi-faceted corporation, Conrad opted to strike a deal with Tribune Media Syndicate that allowed him to draw four cartoons a week for papers that circulated nationwide.


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