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India, 1932. A nation dreams of independence, while an empire attempts to cling onto the vestiges of colonial power. In the village of Simla, British power brokers govern in the summer months, but with pressure building, what will spill forth for the future of India?


Lillete Dubey
as Roshana Dalal
Roshan Seth
as Darius Dalal
Alyy Khan
as Ramu Sood
Craig Parkinson
as Dougie Raworth
Rick Warden
as Ronnie Keane
Fiona Glascott
as Sarah Raworth
Amber Rose Revah
as Leena Prasad
Nikesh Patel
as Aafrin Dalal
Jemima West
as Alice Whelan
Alexander Cobb
as Ian McLeod
Olivia Grant
as Madileine Mathers
Aysha Kala
as Sooni Dalal
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It's ambitious, touching on race, religion and politics, but so painfully slow that I took off my watch to shake it, just to check it hadn't stopped.

Aug 30, 2017 | Full Review…