Gently in the Cathedral


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It has been four years since George Gently came north, but his old enemies haven't forgotten him. A vicious career criminal who Gently sent down years ago has been released, on the grounds that evidence was fabricated to frame him by Gently himself. And he is hell-bent on revenge. Suspended from duty, Gently finds himself powerless, unprotected and persecuted. If he is to survive, Gently must confront his deepest fears and fight to the death.


Martin Shaw
as George Gently
Lee Ingleby
as John Bacchus
Kevin Whately
as Donald McGhee
Diana Quick
as Gitta Bronson
Angelica Penn
as Bernie Henderson
Lee Armstrong
as PC Gavin Henderson
Michael Hodgson
as Alec Powell
Kemal Sylvester
as Owen Galliford
Brett Allen
as Frannie Hilston
Ralph Brown
as Melvyn Rattigan
Simon Hubbard
as PC Taylor
Nigel Lindsay
as DCS Trevor Statham
Morgan Watkins
as DS Kieran Lawson
Chris Brailsford
as Chief Constable Gordon
Katie Anderson
as Leigh Ann Bacchus
David Kirkbride
as PC in Woods
John Raine
as Ernie Rivers
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