Green for Greencoat


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The body of a murdered girl washed up by a pier leads Gently and Bacchus to investigate the staff and holidaymakers at a family holiday camp. They explore how the youth of 1969 have more independence than their parents and discover that with fewer families coming to the camp the ideal of the family holiday begins to break down. Gently and Bacchus delve into this world of fame seeking and sex and discover the dark underbelly of a permissive society as the traditional family dynamics of the past begin to crumble.


Martin Shaw
as George Gently
Lee Ingleby
as John Bacchus
Lisa McGrillis
as Rachel Coles
Emma Fielding
as Agnes Webb
Lee Boardman
as Todd Stretch
Andrea Lowe
as Cherry Stretch
Pixie Lott
as Megan Webb
Sean Kenney
as Patrick Webb
Jodie Comer
as Justine Leyland
Neil McDermott
as Gary Manners
Katie Anderson
as Leigh Anne Bacchus
Amelia Young
as Gail Arnold
Lisa Riley
as Sylvia Ryan
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