Episode 6


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"Fobba-lisicious" and Kool Kris pick up a triumphant Jonah up from prison just in time to take part in the "Feel Da Beat" dance competition with their song "Don't Be A Bully". Jonah reunites with Sister Monica and Mr Joseph and is the envy of his former enemies "The Rangas" as he entertains them with prison life stories. He adjusts to his sister Mary's new boyfriend Graydon, his former nemesis and is devastated to find out George from The Soldierz is dating his love interest and cousin, Melody.


Chris Lilley
as Jonah Takalua
Tama Tauli'i
as Moses Takalua
Isaia Noa
as Rocky Takalua
Linda Horan
as Aunty Grace
Eigawe Hunt
as Mary Takalua
Tevita Manu
as Uncle Mamafu
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