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Blood Libel


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In an echo of a racist incident in Connecticut in 1995, an anti-Semitic "code message" in a high school yearbook may be the key to the murder of an art teacher. Comparatively speaking, tracking down the likely killers is the easy part. The problems for the D.A.'s office begin when McCoy (Sam Waterston) goes head to head with bigoted attorney Roy Paine (Chris Cooper), infamous in legal circles as "the Klan Lawyer."


Sam Waterston
as ADA Jack McCoy
Jerry Orbach
as Det. Lennie Briscoe
Benjamin Bratt
as Det. Reynaldo Curtis
Liz Larsen
as Lana Halsted
Mike Mearian
as Judge Horace Busey
Chris Cooper
as Roy Payne
Jack Vinson
as Matt Hastings
Jeanne Ruskin
as Alice Marsdale
Santo Fazio
as Johnny Cobb
Jackey Vinson
as Matt Hastings
Lee Wilkof
as Dr. Alvin Sabloff
Mark Zeisler
as Richard Kovax
Zach Grenier
as Mr. Aronson
Santiago Douglas
as Eddie Camarillo
Claire Beckman
as Diane Farrow
Joanne Camp
as Mrs. Hastings
Skye Bassett
as Mattie Braverman
Rick Zieff
as Forensic Tech Rosen
Tracie Jade
as Tracy Ettinger
Justin McCarthy
as Randy Ashton
David Jones
as Mr. Hastings
Cortez Nance Jr.
as Mr. Carson
Joel Rooks
as Mr. Baron
Jim Siatkowski
as Board of Education Lawyer
Edward D. Murphy
as CSU Tech Bailey
Larry S. Gregory
as 1st Uniformed Policeman
Richard Mawe
as Jury Foreperson
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