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NBC's long-running procedural drama "Law & Order" returns for this ninth series of stories involving the NYPD homicide division and the New York City District Attorney's office. Returning characters this series include DA Adam Schiff (Steven Hill), Senior Detective Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach), detective supervisor Anita Van Buren (S. Epatha Merkerson), Executive ADA Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) and Detective Rey Curtis (Benjamin Bratt), with Angie Harmon joining the ensemble as ADA Abbie Carmichael (replacing Jamie Ross). Stories this series include the investigation of an African American man whose body has been beaten and dumped beside the highway, the death of an employee at a fertility clinic, the demise of a corrections officer with ties to a women's prison, Curtis and Briscoe's efforts to find the man responsible for slaying a parolee before two bounty hunters get to him, and the gruesome demise of a philosophy instructor on a subway line.


Angie Harmon
as ADA Abbie Carmichael
Sam Waterston
as ADA Jack McCoy
Jerry Orbach
as Det. Lennie Briscoe
Benjamin Bratt
as Det. Reynaldo Curtis
Larry Clarke
as Lemotte
Matt Keeslar
as Dennis Pollock
Mark Alan Gordon
as John Weyer
George Hearn
as Independent Counsel
Frances Conroy
as Rosa Halacy
S. Epatha Merkerson
as Lt. Anita Van Buren
Jay O. Sanders
as Bill Fallon, aka Nick Taska, William Fallon
Joe Piscopo
as Jeff Stahl, Stahl
Matthew Bennett
as Andrew Hampton
Carolyn McCormick
as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
Steven Hill
as Adam Schiff
Richard Belzer
as Det. John Munch, Munch
Cameron Bowen
as Billy Woodson
Sam Freed
as Dr. Rudnick
Mark Linn-Baker
as Tom Wilder, Wilder
Edward Conery
as Edward Connery
David Valcin
as Fratelli
Bellamy Young
as Stephanie Harker
Michael Cumpsty
as Tom Willis
Sylva Kelegian
as Margo Grayson
Anne Bobby
as Sylvia Fallon
Laila Robins
as Liane Crosby, Liann Crosby
Cara Buono
as Alice, Alice Simonelli
J.K. Simmons
as Dr. Skoda
John Driver
as Gerwitz
Amelia Campbell
as Mrs. Woodson
Tovah Feldshuh
as Danielle Melnick
Michael Michele
as Det. Rene Sheppard, Sheppard
Mel Rodriguez
as Bill Crawford
Richard Libertini
as Bernie Sklar, Sklar
Monique Fowler
as Megan Connery
Penny Fuller
as Joyce Pollock, Mrs. Joyce Pollock
Glynnis O'Connor
as Anne Paulsen
Ed Wheeler
as Rev. Young
Stephen Bogardus
as Dr. Michaels
James Caulfield
as Chief Judge
José Zúñiga
as Det. Rivera, Narcotics Det. Mark Rivera
Michael Higgins
as Darryl Grady, Grady
Elaine Bromka
as Arlene Wolensky
Daniel Hugh Kelly
as Sanford Spector
Jean Louisa Kelly
as Coral Galvin
Sam Jaeger
as Bill Conway, Conway
John Cunningham
as Daniel Messler
John Ventimiglia
as Dietrich, Off. Frank Dietrick
Lisa Eichhorn
as Arlene Galvin
Joe Latimore
as Ricky Crimmins
Roy Thinnes
as Kushner, Mr. Kushner
David Mogentale
as Gerard Petoskey
Jeremy Davidson
as Sean Russo
Thomas Guiry
as Kevin Stanton
Maria Tucci
as Helen Brolin, Salzman
Frank Vincent
as John Franchetta, Johnny Franchetta
Paul Dillon
as Clayman
Victor Steinbach
as Dr. Kostov
Dylan Baker
as Aaron Downing
Edward Herrmann
as Mosbeck, Mossbach
Peter von Berg
as Judge Hewlett
Liz Larsen
as CSU Tech Jessica Reed
Michael Mulheren
as Judge Taylor
Ben Shenkman
as Man, Margolis
Joyce Curtis
as Jury Foreperson
Spencer Breslin
as Nicholas Waring
J. Smith-Cameron
as Paula Downing
Michael Gaston
as Delaney, Mr. Delany
Caitlin Clarke
as Miss Walsh, Myra Woodall
David Garrison
as Albersberg
Robert Hogan
as Capt. Walder, Walder
Victor Colicchio
as Reggie Mathis
Doris Belack
as Judge Barry, Judge Margaret Barry
Robert Harper
as John St. John
Paul Dawson
as Derek Harlan
Jeffrey DeMunn
as Norman Rothenberg, Prof. Norman Rothenberg
Ted Kazanoff
as Judge Scarletti
Sally Jane Heit
as Judge Alice Berksit
Lisa Bostnar
as Elizabeth Waring
Frank Wood
as Dr. Rutland
Reathel Bean
as Judge Denham
Bob Dishy
as Larry Weaver, Pasquale Tucci
Glenn Kessler
as Raymond Taylor
Karen Ziemba
as Det. Tarvis
Karina Arroyave
as Candy Pacheco
Harvey Atkin
as Judge Mannheim
Anna Belknap
as Jessica Buell, Jessica Buhl
Nick Sandow
as Bail Agent Andy Grenada, Granada
John Berg
as Dr. Weiss
George Demas
as Peter Gerard
Maggie Low
as Eleanor Taska
Julia Mueller
as Lisa Gibson
Snezhana Kushnir
as First Natasha
Olek Krupa
as Russian
Graham Winton
as Phillip Waring
Raphael Baez
as Oscar Benenides
Philip Bosco
as Lee Jerrold
Julia Roberts
as Katrina Ludlow
Joe Grifasi
as Attorney for the Warings
David Canary
as Jeremy Orenstein, Orenstein
Joyce Gordon
as Judge Holt
Mary Kazakova
as Mrs. Dementev
Paul Diomede
as Jay Jay
Eddie Kaye Thomas
as Ethan Vance
Julie Nathanson
as Katherine
Oksana Babi
as Second Natasha
John Ramsey
as Judge Schreiber
Mark Blum
as Frank Lazar, Lazar
Joshua Harto
as Peter Stymons
Luke Reilly
as Darryl Grady Jr., Joe
Avery Waddell
as College Student
Melinda Wade
as Glynnis Ward
David Bailey
as Ned Cheron
Ron Parady
as Judge Kendrick
Curtis L. McClarin
as Charles Perry
Andre Braugher
as Det. Frank Pembleton
Ezra Knight
as Ray Dalton
Jeanne Ruskin
as Attorney for the Connerys
Dennis Creaghan
as Thomas Harwood
Holt McCallany
as Off. Steve Felton, Off. Steven Felton
Joe Mulligan
as Off. Quinn
Charlotte Colavin
as Judge Pongracic
Ron McLarty
as Judge Rose, Judge William Wright
Catrina Ganey
as Mrs. Chapman
Barbara Andres
as Mrs. Anne O'Brien
Zeljko Ivanek
as ASA Ed Danvers
Skipp Sudduth
as Off. Cass
Julian Gamble
as Gerald Fox
Polly Adams
as Kelly McFarland
Kyle Secor
as Det. Tim Bayliss
Marissa Matrone
as Sandra Felton
Bill Moor
as Bill Patton
Joseph Latimore
as Ricky Crimmins
Walter Charles
as Mr. McBride
Jordan Lage
as Dr. Harvey Purcell
Alex Wipf
as Mr. O'Brien
Ellen McLaughlin
as Off. Depante
Jessica Molaskey
as Janet Markson
Welker White
as Ms. Caldwell
Pamela Payton-Wright
as Mrs. McBride, Mrs. Vivian McBride
Leo Burmester
as Defense Atty. LeClair
Allen Fitzpatrick
as Mr. Golding
Frank Converse
as Mr. Kelly
James Colby
as Corrections Officer Atwood
Geraldine Leer
as Michelle Devoe
Jennifer Van Dyck
as Wilder's Attorney
Roberta Wallach
as Michele Selig
Mark Zeisler
as Dr. Seth Bernstein
Kevin Geer
as Brian Egan
Dylan Price
as Det. Pete Bowers
Jack Gilpin
as Mr. Axtell
Ellen Whyte
as Panatti
John Rich
as Judge, Judge Richard Tabachini
Louis Guss
as Vincent Carpenana
Ron Foster
as Clayton
John McMartin
as Mr. Hagaman
Daniel Murray
as Anderson
Marianne Hagan
as Theresa Copeland
Alan North
as Terry Barrick
Larry Pine
as Dr. Jacob Weiss, Dr. Weiss
Miguel Sandoval
as Prof. Miguel Clemente, Professor
Slava Schoot
as Russian
Michael Hobbs
as Spellman
Roger Serbagi
as Judge Robert Quinn
John Doman
as Mr. Stephens
Christina Rouner
as Mrs. Atkins
Kevin Orton
as Ed Cross
Barbara Walsh
as Mrs. Lasky
Peter Van Wagner
as Pacheco's Attorney
Larry Sherman
as Arraignment Judge Fraser
Pippa Pearthree
as Judge Esther Morrow
Rafael Báez
as Oscar Benvenidez
Opal Alladin
as Trina Fleming Crimmins
Jess Doran
as Eddie Dow
Richard Lublin
as Presiding Judge
Tracy Sallows
as Eric Davies
Bernie McInerney
as Judge Michael Callahan
George Murdock
as Judge Eric Bertram
Chelsea Lagos
as Kimberly
Lenore Harris
as Mrs. Chuikov
Ross Bickell
as Warren Stanton
Tom Ligon
as Gillespie
Adriane Lenox
as Myra Warren
John Ottavino
as Manny Turner
Jenny Bacon
as Off. Marissa Hastings
Sarah Rafferty
as Jennifer, Jennifer Shaliga
Alex Scott
as Michael Ashford
Ira Hawkins
as Rev. Jenkins
John Griesemer
as Hyram Jenkins
Keith Charles
as Bryce Wilkerson
Joe Piscopo
as Jeff Stahl
Karen Culp
as Lindsay McManus
Anne O'Sullivan
as Mrs. Osbourne
Elizabeth Rice
as Michelle Ashford
William Bogert
as Prof. Arlen Howard
Kathleen Widdoes
as DC Circuit Judge Chambers
W.T. Martin
as Westchester Cty. Judge Naughton
Ben Lipitz
as Dick Marcus
Tom Stechschulte
as Judge Harold Rockwell
Victoria Clark
as Detective at City Park
Gibby Brand
as Al Kline
Bruce Katzman
as Judge Allan Denham
Helen Stenborg
as Mrs. Christine Aimsley
Frank Raiter
as Msgr. Damien Ribot
E. Katherine Kerr
as Judge Leslie Holz
John Wylie
as Joseph Sandburg
Pamela Isaacs
as Mrs. Michaels
David Kener
as Patrick Sinclair
Merwin Goldsmith
as Arraignment Judge Feist
Umit Celebi
as Gary Morris
Kevin Eldon
as Oscar Castellano
Terry Alexander
as Harry Gales
Laurie Kennedy
as Judge Edna Atkins
Mike Cicchetti
as Woolly Pierce
James Georgiades
as Hal Pinsky
George Feaster
as Jeff Morris
Brooks Rogers
as Dr. Wilton Engel
Tom Mardirosian
as Mr. Butler
William Youmans
as Byrne Chaikin
Anney Giobbe
as Suzanne
Steve Beach
as Father O'Donnell
Tom Guiry
as Kevin Stanton
Gretchen Lee Krich
as Mrs. Harland
Fred Burrell
as Ross McMillan
Barbara Spiegel
as Arraignment Judge Doremus
John Dossett
as Frank Wellington
Craig Wroe
as Harris Wolinsky
Jordan Bayne
as Melody Kane
Saundra McClain
as Tracey Howard
Terry Layman
as John Grouse
William Paulson
as Samuel Holtz
R. Emery Bright
as Det. Leon Eggers
Lewis Arlt
as Gerald Grove
Rebecca Creskoff
as Charlotte Wexman
Matte Osian
as Ray Stoller
Denise Burse
as Sarah Chase
Socorro Santiago
as Deputy Tom North
George Guidall
as Dr. Miller
Daniel Southern
as Lt. Gilroy
John Gabriel
as Bernard Kincaide
Susan Blackwell
as Erica Castle
Kim Brockington
as Josette Dobbs
Mark Wilson
as Frank Wexman
Brian Geraghty
as Phillip Ludwick
Janet Zarish
as Judy Palnick
Allyn Burrows
as Leonard Dorsey
Alison Sheehy
as Morgan Bryant
William Prael
as William O'Rourke
Dan Ziskie
as Capt. Gene Sayres
Frank Girardeau
as Det. Gerry Tremnt
Ray Girardin
as Nick Follett
Janet Sarno
as Marie Costas
Victor Arnold
as Nino Simonelli
Tim Donoghue
as John Kreidal
Ntare Mwine
as Mark Davies
Glynis Bell
as Dr. Elaine Spencer
Michael Cullen
as Borough Det. Cmdr. Deitz
Vince Pacimeo
as Judge Venturelli
Lucinda Faraldo
as Linda Goodwell
Bill Camp
as Barney Rade
Marilyn Chris
as Gayatri Devi
David Alan Basche
as Jack McKinney
Phillip Clark
as Pete Barnett
Mike Hodge
as Jeff Young
Peter Giles
as Spencer Leff
Ray Iannicelli
as Alfred Celaga
Ken Strong
as Surrogate Justin Rattner
Rosemary Camas
as Carla Simonelli
Frederick Koehler
as Steven Lang
Michael Oberlander
as David Bronstein
Tony Gillan
as Forensic Tech Trefil
Deborah Cresswell
as Martha Robertson
Ken La Ron
as Winston Gilbert
Barbara Caruso
as Mother Superior Agnes
Sally Stewart
as Angie Brenner
Greg Cook
as Jimmy Parnell
Lucy Martin
as Mrs. Pelham
Betty Low
as Vivian Mason
John Fiore
as Profaci
Bill Kux
as Dr. Bryan Deane
Herb Downer
as Alex Hunt
Jeffrey Hayenga
as Gardner Keith
Richard Hughes
as Mickey Mason
Mark Rosenthal
as ME Charters
Jim Gaffigan
as George Rozak
Laura Moss
as Maxanne Voullers
Marlene Forte
as Alicia Bowers
Brian Howe
as Det. Harry Sorkin
Cordis Heard
as Mandy Lewis
Afemo Omilami
as Darryl Lamaine
Marisa Redanty
as Shirley Paxton
Stan Lachow
as Judge Donald Renner
Judy Franks
as Arraignment Judge Bryant
Johnny Lee Davenport
as Rev. Theodore Dempsey
Lee Shepherd
as Harry Kaufer
Brenda Pressley
as Danielle Lindsey
Arthur Halpern
as Harold Tucker
Peter Bartlett
as Arraignment Judge Orlin
Al Sapienza
as Scott Shea
Stephanie Lane
as Susan Landsman
Rica Martens
as Maxine Lowry
Ezra Barnes
as Justin McKenzie
Christopher Innvar
as Gavin Lapeer
Chris Beetem
as Mark Tyner
Geoffrey Wade
as Pete Hammermesh
LaDonna Mabry
as Marsha Alston
Lou Bonacki
as Armand Libretti
Bobby Spillane
as Terry Mays
Leo Schaff
as Bennett Wainwright
Keely Eastley
as Judge Lillian Barone
Stephanie Cannon
as Claudia Sawchuck
JB Smoove
as Levon
Jordan Reid Berkow
as Lori Summers
Gwen Lewis
as Brooke
Joseph Jamrog
as George Bigelow
Edwin J. McDonough
as Harold de Groot
Peggity Price
as Maureen Cross
Donna Davis
as Eileen Lerner
Russel Harper
as Eddie DeSantis
Al DeCristo
as Clark Paley
William Duell
as Desk Clerk
Mike Dooly
as Charlie Nash
Dylan Chalfy
as Sean Tyler
Marcia Haufrecht
as Linda Coffey
Tom Kemp
as Sgt. Frank Shepard
Anthony Ruiz
as Javier Hernandez
Ralph Lucarelli
as Joseph Russo
Richard Muenz
as Derek Sloan
Marisa Zalabak
as Linda Hernandez
Edmund Wilkinson
as Albert "Lucky" Martin
Ana Reeder
as Mary Uberti
J.P. Linton
as Mr. Buckner
Angela Bullock
as Delores Powell
John Scurti
as Bruno Scagnetti
Michael Pemberton
as FBI Agent Hardin
Gene Ruffini
as Owen Forbes
Gustave Johnson
as Lester Morton
Nancy Meyer
as Veronica Dumet
Ed Kershen
as Krasky
Tom Bloom
as Det. Boris Tasche
James Palumbo
as EMS Technician
James Waterston
as Dr. Shimo
Jennifer Krater
as Diane Bauer
Lisa Roberts Gillan
as Madelyn Bishop
Toni James
as Judge Jean Veysey
Daniel Pearce
as Dr. Aaron Fine
Merle Louise
as Amanda Bobbie
Doug MacHugh
as Anthony Jackson
Valerie Leonard
as Eileen Wimberly
Mick Weber
as Det. Terry Price
Tim Ahern
as Kenneth Stratton
Thaddeus Daniels
as Leon Purcell
Dan Snook
as Jim Sullivan
David Smyrl
as Arite Dickson
Sandy Daley
as Lori Matthews
Stewart Steinberg
as Louie Dantone
Robinson Frank Adu
as Mr. Johnson
Chris Ceraso
as Rick Meyer
Mary Jo Randle
as Gina Brook
Angela Pupello
as Patricia Sullivan
Mark Smaltz
as US Dist. Judge Koehler
Carlos Pizarro
as Jose Delgado
Isaac Bright
as Eddy Acosta
Ron Nakahara
as Mr. Kim
Bruce Kronenberg
as Ron Balducci
Gregory Northrop
as Hazmat Technician
Michael Preston
as Jury Foreman
Sarah Burke
as Arraignment Judge Hutchins
Darryl Edwards
as Allan Taylor
Mary Lou Mellace
as Judge Anthonia Mellon
Michael DeVries
as Arson Detective Krane
Dustin Evans
as Jury Foreman
Moira Driscoll
as Asst. ME Judy Summers
John Jellison
as Mr. Teasdale
Stewart J. Zully
as Tom Bubitz
David Toney
as Fred Zarkin
Chris Stafford
as Clint Ford
Jennifer Sternberg
as Joyce de Loach
Don Creech
as Tony Smith
Leo Marks
as Slattery
Georgienne Millen
as Judy Turner
Mitchell McGuire
as Det. MacKay
Teresa Yenque
as Angela Cruz
Sasha Nesterov
as Roman Laskov
Sal Petraccione
as Ray Cardenas
Herb Lovelle
as Sam Wilton
Maggie Maes
as Nancy Packarge
David Wilkie
as Rick Pendergrast
Neal Lerner
as US Atty. Osbourne
Lee Cobb
as Lt. Gilbert Rausch
David Adkins
as Dr. Lesser
Leelai Demoz
as Kyle Jefferson
Amy Stiller
as Bartender
Joan Wooters
as Helen Adelman
Joe Pacheco
as Grimley
Rony Clanton
as Robbie Ward
John DiMaggio
as Bartender
Gary Evans
as Off. Blackledge
Leighton Meester
as Alyssa Turner
Seth Jones
as Paul Engel
Leonid Citer
as Alex Kostov
C.S. Lee
as Kenny Chen
Rick Warner
as Sgt. Michael Lucas
David Rainey
as Richard Howard
Jeremy Nagel
as Eric Pope
Saidah Arrika Ekulona
as Dr. Claire Metoyer
Paul DeBoy
as Lionel Morrison
Susan Wands
as Dr. Cameron
Michael Jannetta
as Dave Matis
Sue-Anne Morrow
as Secretary
Neal Ben-Ari
as David Colby
Magaly Colimon
as Dr. Arlene Brooks
Katie Sagona
as Antonia Bright
Nada Rowand
as Presiding Justice #2
Tom Galantich
as Dr. Binder
Matthew Arkin
as Harry Kozinsky
Nancy Nutter
as Jury Forewoman
Jamie Torcellini
as Sam O'Dell
Ken Jennings
as Court Clerk
Leila Danette
as Mrs. Donner
John Quinn
as Sal Lange
Mark Casella
as Sergeant
Jayne Houdyshell
as Marge Littleton
Joseph Priestly
as Jury Foreman
Kevin Hagen
as Mr. O'Connor
E.J. Carroll
as Off. Fenwick
Nadine Mozon
as Asst. ME Janet Glynn
Patrick F. McDade
as Det. William Nolan
John Nacco
as Stan Oblinger
Marc Damon Johnson
as INS Agent Jarrett
Edwin Sean Patterson
as Maurice Russell
Mario D'Elia
as Pete Suppa
Bill Tatum
as Michael Lasky
Marilyn Dobrin
as Maria Ditirro
Andre Royo
as Gil Freeman
Ray Virta
as Gary Bowker
Liam Craig
as CSU Technician
Doc Dougherty
as Sgt. Kaufman
Amanda Spain
as Kiki Samuels
Dominic Marcus
as Off. Keller
Karen Ullman
as Secretary
Karyn Quackenbush
as Mrs. Bowker
Chuck Lewkowicz
as Carl Starblenz
Josh Liveright
as Det. Wurlitzer
Sabine Singh
as Allison
Liam Mitchell
as James Pinewald
Drew Starlin
as Alex Brown
Ted Arcidi
as Landlord
J. Tucker Smith
as Mr. Weston
Becky Borczon
as Mrs. Weston
William Parry
as Mr. Stymons
Lin Tucci
as Amy Cardenas
Frank Vlastnik
as Dr. Phil Sugarman
Tyagi Schwartz
as Off. Bering
Carl J. Matusovich
as Shane Bowker
Zoe Saldana
as Belinca
Ted Neustadt
as PBA Atty. Quinn
William R. Charlton
as Det. Landers
Neva Small
as Mrs. Stymons
Edward D. Murphy
as CSU Tech Murphy
Jason Pugatch
as CSU Tech Persky
Felicia Wilson
as Felicia Johnson
Carla Gallo
as Janet Tuckman
Oliver Solomon
as Off. Gilliam
Steve Coats
as McHenry
David Lipman
as Torledsky
Lou Martini Jr.
as Det. Rossman
Wayne Maxwell
as Derelict #1
John Eddins
as Spencer Johnson
Cody Arens
as Jackie Bender
Michael Ealy
as James Arkadie
Lisa Kron
as CSU Tech Andrews
Al Roffe
as Manuel
Gary Lowery
as CSU Det. Brown
John Roney
as Steve Aks
Michael Bolus
as CSU Tech Jones
Keenan Shimizu
as CSU Tech Hsu
Marcell Rosenblatt
as Jury Foreman
Lawrence Green
as Forensics Tech Jackson
Stephen Axelrod
as CSU Tech Catalano
Larry S. Gregory
as Court Officer
John Shaver
as Off. Diego
Richard Caselnova
as Court Officer #2
Brian Keane
as McAlary
Greg Connolly
as Uniformed Policeman
Bart Tangredi
as CSU Tech
Victor Sierra
as Leo Zamora
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