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Angie Harmon joins the cast as A.D.A. Abbie Carmichael in the opening episode of Law & Order's ninth season. The focus is on the "ethics" of foreign adoptions, and the catalyst is the suspicious death of a baby girl. The detectives are puzzled by the secretive attitude of the infant's parents, who won't allow the authorities into their apartment. Once this matter is settled, the D.A.'s office sets its sights on Russian doctor Andre Kostov (Victor Steinbach), who for a price has been farming out unhealthy children for adoption in the U.S.


Sam Waterston
as ADA Jack McCoy
Edward Conery
as Edward Connery
Monique Fowler
as Megan Connery
Victor Steinbach
as Dr. Kostov
Spencer Breslin
as Nicholas Waring
Lisa Bostnar
as Elizabeth Waring
Graham Winton
as Phillip Waring
Joe Grifasi
as Attorney for the Warings
Jeanne Ruskin
as Attorney for the Connerys
Tom Stechschulte
as Judge Harold Rockwell
Laurie Kennedy
as Judge Edna Atkins
William Paulson
as Samuel Holtz
Glynis Bell
as Dr. Elaine Spencer
Deborah Cresswell
as Martha Robertson
Mark Rosenthal
as ME Charters
Keely Eastley
as Judge Lillian Barone
Joseph Jamrog
as George Bigelow
Dan Snook
as Jim Sullivan
Angela Pupello
as Patricia Sullivan
Teresa Yenque
as Angela Cruz
Gary Evans
as Off. Blackledge
Kevin Eldon
as Oscar Castellano
Joseph Priestly
as Jury Foreman
J.K. Simmons
as Dr. Skoda
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