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Season Eleven of the procedural drama "Law and Order" dramatises more ongoing chronicles of the NYPD homicide division that investigates crimes and the New York City District Attorney's office responsible for prosecuting them. This season brings back Senior Detective Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach), detective supervisor Anita Van Buren (S Epatha Merkerson), Executive ADA Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) and ADA Abbie Carmichael (Angie Harmon), with Interim DA Nora Lewin (Dianne Wiest) replacing longtime DA Adam Schiff; this season also includes a prominent cameo by then NYC mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Cases include: a storeowner slaying that leads to a complicated attempt at extradition from Israel; the murder of a hockey coach, with the defense arguing that the murderer suffered from "sports rage"; the mysterious death of a scientist and the related kidnapping of 17 laboratory monkeys; a botched hit on a judge that leads to a challenging attempt at apprehension for McCoy; and much more.


Jerry Orbach
as Det. Lennie Briscoe
Sam Waterston
as ADA Jack McCoy
S. Epatha Merkerson
as Lt. Anita Van Buren
Jesse L. Martin
as Det. Edward Green
Angie Harmon
as ADA Abbie Carmichael
Dianne Wiest
as DA Nora Lewin
Nancy Ticotin
as Alma Nogales
Leslie Hendrix
as Medical Examiner Rodgers
Thomas Lyons
as Squadroom Detective
Henry Woronicz
as Peter Wilder
Michael O'Keefe
as Cally Lonegan/Donald Lonegan, Lonegan
Ron Leibman
as Barry Nathanson
Harley Venton
as Ray Taylor
Kevin Daniels
as Chris Cody
Peter Greene
as Paz, Taz
James Shanklin
as John Davis
Ty Burrell
as Husband
Tim Guinee
as Richard Morrison, Richard Morriston
Lee Shepherd
as Doug Lyle
Carey Lowell
as Jamie Ross
Jack Gilpin
as Axtel, Brook Hollis
Ron McLarty
as Judge William Wright, Judge Wright
Matt Mulhern
as Bennett
Roxanne Hart
as Judge Linda Karlin, Judge Lynn Carlin
Megan Follows
as Megan Parnell
Sam Schacht
as Nathan Becker
Clarence Williams III
as Lateef Miller
Ben Weber
as Ethan
Murphy Guyer
as Wes Stanton
Catherine Kellner
as Celia Goddard
Adam Trese
as Brian Stark, Byron Stark
Nestor Serrano
as Alec Conroy
Mark Smaltz
as Judge William Koehler
Deirdre O'Connell
as Joanna Wilder
Jane Maxwell
as Marian Reger
Laurie Heineman
as Sylvia Becker
Glenn Fitzgerald
as Seth, Seth Titell
Tom O'Rourke
as Peter Behrens
Matthew Sussman
as Dr. Jerome Raleigh
David Wohl
as Randall Wylie
Nick Chinlund
as Barry Peck, Peck
Brad Sullivan
as Tommy Brannigan
Geoffrey Wigdor
as Keith Taylor
David Vadim
as Robert Kelly
Michael Gaston
as Col. Wyatt, Maj. Jim Wyman
Deborah Hedwall
as Sen. Benton
George Grizzard
as Arthur Gold
Joe Morton
as Leon Chiles
Gerry Bamman
as Stan Gillum
Robert John Burke
as FBI Agent Ron Innes, Ron Innes
Keir Dullea
as Paul Lyman
Kevin Isola
as George Peavey
Alex Feldman
as Mitch Regan
Dan Lauria
as Capt. Joe Sturdevnt
Doc Dougherty
as Bill Reed
Timmy Reifsnyder
as Henry Semple
Alexandra Neil
as Alice Marner
Matthew Arkin
as Corey Kaufman
Keith David
as Bronx DA John Robertson, John Robertson
Tovah Feldshuh
as Danielle Melnick
Remak Ramsay
as Ambassador Sarno
Isabel Glasser
as Patty Taylor
Peter McRobbie
as Judge Bradley
Victor Anthony
as Nestor Salazar
Danielle Carin
as Heather Russo
Dorian Missick
as Henry Williams
Julianne Nicholson
as Jessie Lucas
Bryan Scott Johnson
as Scott Tobias
Joe Grifasi
as James Linde, Linde
John Costelloe
as Colin Parnell
Ronald Guttman
as Carl Reger
Evan Handler
as Eli Becker
Mike Hodge
as Judge Burks
Tricia Paoluccio
as Maxine Walden
Molly Regan
as Mrs. Regan
Marisa Redanty
as Principal
John Carter
as Judge Harlan Newfield
Jan Maxwell
as Marion Reger
Dennis Boutsikaris
as Al Archer, Efrain Ferrer
Maureen Mueller
as Melanie Kaufman
Bryan Johnson
as Scott Tobias
Tresa Hughes
as May Peavey
Fran Lebowitz
as Judge Goldberg
Kristin Griffith
as Brenda Lucas
Leland Gantt
as Jeff Washington
Donna Hanover
as Judge Bourke
Bruce Altman
as Feldman
Jose Soto
as Kiki Morales
John Ramsey
as Judge Walter Schrieber
Kaiulani Lee
as Mrs. Goddard
John Roney
as Det. Hill
Lynn Cohen
as Judge Elizabeth Mizener, Judge Mizener
Michael Connors
as Ronnie Blair
Ken Marks
as Michael Sarno
Penny Balfour
as Carol Gibbons
Paul Calderon
as Palmieri
Wai Ching Ho
as Mrs. Ngai
Bernie McInerney
as Judge Michael Callahan
Michael Hobbs
as Pat Conners
Chip Zien
as Stephen Cromwell
Peter Jay Fernandez
as Christian Coulter
Chuck Cooper
as Rolando August
Ana Reeder
as Annette Perry
Laura Fallon
as Rebecca Kent
Jose Edwin Soto
as Kiki Morales
Mia Dillon
as Patricia Semple
Judith Roberts
as Judge Schepps
Richard Venture
as Douglas Greer, Edward Benjamin
David Wolos Fonteno
as Judge Derek Hafner
Albert Jones
as Miles Hawthorne
Peter Fernandez
as Christian Coulter
Sakina Jaffrey
as Dr. Balikrishan
Stephen Singer
as Rafael Kessler
Billy Strong
as Sokolsky
Barbara Andres
as Mrs. Moseley
Noel Wilson
as Jake Arnold
Dennis Creaghan
as Howard Liddle
Jason Ritter
as Nick Simms
Michael J. Burg
as Paul Sanders
Ritchie Coster
as Jorge Stern
Caren Browning
as Anne Kearsey
Tom Aldredge
as Off. Charlie Curren
Randy Danson
as Susan Powers
Carolee Carmello
as Janice Wylie
Adriana Sevan
as Rosa Santiago
Tessa Auberjonois
as Karen Drucker
Teagle F. Bougere
as Sebastian Waziri
Jerry Grayson
as Richie Zwick
Terry Serpico
as Jay Brannigan
Bruce Ornstein
as Sal Bonafiglio
Shawn Elliott
as Judge Joseph Rivera, Judge Rivera
David Leary
as Jerry Vaylor
Doris Belack
as Judge, Judge Margaret Berry
Ken Garito
as Kevin Russo
J.K. Simmons
as Dr. Emil Skoda
Timothy Reifsnyder
as Henry Semple
Otto Sanchez
as Det. Hector Diaz
Dan Moran
as Larson
Tsidii Leloka
as Interviewee
Lynne Charnay
as Rose Caplan
Ami Brabson
as Donna Faison
Natacha Roi
as Susan Kimball
Ron Nakahara
as Dr. Tong
Audrie J. Neenan
as Judge Marilyn Haynes
Stephanie Sanditz
as Young Woman
Mary Elaine Monti
as Darla Watley
Doug Stender
as Judge Joseph Flint
Michelle Hurst
as Simone Adams
Andrew Weems
as Wallace Hogart
Susan Bigelow
as Mary Fazekas
Robert Prescott
as Majoe Halpern
Stephen Rowe
as Kevin Flynn
Rick D. Wasserman
as David Caplan
George Guidall
as Bertram Dobbs
Catherine Hickland
as Faye Ireland
Charlie Day
as Young Man
Crystal R. Fox
as Miss Mancelli
Leon Addison Brown
as Everald Daly
Michael Aronov
as Andre Korsakoff
Iris Little Thomas
as Judge Barbara Husky
Merwin Goldsmith
as Arraignment Judge Fiest
C.J. Wilson
as Ed Daniels
Sandy Daley
as Salina Watts
George T. Odom
as Bobby Williams
David Beach
as Gemprint Tech
Peggy Pope
as Sally Jaspers
Larry Sherman
as Arraignment Judge Fraser
Aaron Harpold
as Off. Carlson
Gerard Doyle
as Jeremy Ryder
Bill Buell
as Chris Paley
Lynn Chen
as Jenny
David Lipman
as Judge Torledsky
Barbara Spiegel
as Judge Madelaine Valenz
Damian Young
as Benson White
Mary Lou Mellace
as Arraignment Judge Meloni
Catherine Wolf
as Evelyn Kramer
Barbara Pitts
as Emily Malloy
Lizan Mitchell
as Dorothy Meredith
Nelson Landrieu
as Deputy Counsel Rojas
Cynthia Hayden
as Vera Shaeffer
Lou Sones
as Clerk
Michael Ingram
as Dr. Russell
Caroline Clay
as Jessie Dobbs
Matthew Dixon
as Eddie Novello
Richmond Hoxie
as Alan Bostwick
Bill Hoag
as Sgt. Bowers
Elizabeth Hess
as Janice Trainor
Brenda Thomas Denmark
as Rosalie Price
Elizabeth Regen
as Valerie Mankowitz
D.L. Shroder
as Dennis Burke
Felicity LaFortune
as Dr. Liz Alden
Robert Gentry
as Barry Pratt
John Heffernan
as Marvin Warner
Wally Dunn
as Vincent Hall
Portia Johnson
as Yvonne Brady
Barbara Tirrell
as Barbara Landers
Socorro Santiago
as Teresa Martinez
Philip LeStrange
as Harry Dean
Anne Torsiglieri
as ADA Jeannie Tarlow
Tommy Hollis
as Dean Isaac Wadleigh
Michael Hirsch
as Paul Thigpen
James Saito
as Yoshi Yopshimura
Antone Pagan
as Ronnie Ortega
Brenda Pressley
as ADA Shannon Hayes
Elizabeth Ross
as Kay Shippelle
Richard Petrocelli
as Bob Sarkisian
Jerome LePage
as Greg Carter
Michael Shulman
as Kevin Miller
Lucas Papaelias
as Art Bilson
Dani Klein
as Lori Wittingham
Greg Pierotti
as David Hart
Lois Markle
as Kali Dociada
Danny Burstein
as ADA Lester Rosenfeld
Rebecca Harris
as Terry Kurasik
Lillian Burstein Lux
as Sarah Rosenberg
Paul Geier
as Dr. Rhinebeck
Frederica Meister
as Dr. Denise Swanson
Olivia Oguma
as Melanie Hsu
James Coyle
as Bill O'Riley
Henry Stram
as Daniel Kiley
Ron Brice
as Natron
Mateo Gomez
as Johnny Estrada
Kris Carr
as Clair
Michael Jannetta
as Nate Richards
David Anzuelo
as Fernando Vercal
April Adamson
as Lana Stafford
Kevin Kash
as Tony Shaeffer
Lola Powers
as Carol Martin
Dallas Roberts
as Mark Daltrey
Suzanne DiDonna
as Brandy Franli
Michael Irby
as John Acosta
Hans Hoffman
as Douglas
Don Sparks
as ADA Lawrence Donato
Victor Sierra
as Jose Medina
Kurt Rhoads
as Kevin Stafford
Toni DiBuono
as Jerrilyn Essex
Joel Friedman
as Sidney Rosenberg
Stuart Feldman
as Frank Denson
Eric Michael Gillett
as Danny Johnson
Darryl Edwards
as Nathan Walpole
Gordana Rashovich
as Simone Reuben
Paul Woodburn
as Curis Randall
Gustave Johnson
as William Shackleton
Sol Frieder
as Rabbi #1
Nicholas Gould
as Naomi Felder
John Jellison
as Paul Marra
Jo Twiss
as Carol Warner
Karen Huie
as Nori Kitamachie
Stephen Kunken
as Mark Wood
Paul Austin
as Martin Scattergood
Sean T. Krishnan
as Chad Patel
Jamie Hector
as Jean Marchier
Jeri Arredondo
as Littlemoon Birdsong
Jennifer Carta
as ADA Constance Brody
Carlos León
as Mr. Sandoval
Cecilia Riddett
as Winnie Scattergood
Guy Ale
as Dmitri Andropovich
Clement Fowler
as Nathan Rosen
Stephen Myles Berger
as Arraignment Judge Weintraub
Ray Demattis
as Arnold Dickler
Marcia Haufrecht
as Brenda Jenks
Lou Bonacki
as Mr. Russo
John Randolph Jones
as Bronx Precinct Lieutenant
Nicole Leach
as Mari Espinoza
Lynne Lipton
as Mrs. duBow
Gary Cowling
as Bob Mele
Rey Lucas
as Louie
Selenis Leyva
as DeeDee Salazar
Giulia Pagano
as Mrs. Russo
Nicole Bradin
as Nancy Hall
Crystal Field
as Wilma Lovak
Michael Shelle
as Dr. Roy Hermann
Geoffrey Dawe
as Robert Tirelli
Laura Hughes
as Mary Lonegan
Clebert Ford
as Administrator
Robert Levine
as Rabbi #3
Michael Mislove
as Marvin Gelson
Connie Winston
as Judge Shirley Taylor
Kathleen Butler
as Audrey Dunn
Jesse McCartney
as Danny Driscoll
Michi Barall
as Akiko Shindo
Daniel Joseph
as Policeman #2
Chuck Bunting
as Corrections Officer
Ray Virta
as Alex Citren
Clayton LeBouef
as Simms' Attorney
Kim Director
as Waitress
Roscoe Orman
as Trial Judge
Joel Leffert
as Jeffrey Belichek
Richard V. Licata
as Gary Stenopolis
Malcolm Barrett
as Julian Zalak
Michelle Powers
as Charlene Bettis
Joe Pacheco
as Farraby
Mark Kachersky
as Kevin Fitzpatrick
Tony Cucci
as Herb Glenmon
Alex Manette
as Bailiff
Elizabeth Martin
as Store Manager
Ed Sala
as Cronstadt
Adam Sietz
as Occupant
Judy del Guidice
as Rose McCutcheson
Tommy H. Lee
as Production Manager
Adam Dannheisser
as Bronx ADA Einstadt
Krishen Mehta
as Melik Hoca
Joe Passaro
as Joe Panero
Gordon MacDonald
as Donny Apiuzo
Octavio Gomez
as Francisco
Ed Kershen
as Wilson Parker
Joe Gonzalez
as Aguilera
Lexie Sperduto
as Nicole Lippman
Marie Barrientos
as Irma Rodriguez
Linda Miller
as Jury Foreperson
Joe Bacino
as CSU Tech Nevins
Kay Walbye
as Neighbor
Peter Ratray
as 1st Deputy
Norma Fire
as Appellate Judge #1
Christopher Wells
as Air Controller
Ramya Pratt
as Katie Parnell
Sharon Hope
as Arraignment Judge
Aisha de Haas
as Technician
Jerry O'Donnell
as Uniformed Policeman
Jason Manuel Olazabal
as Jeffrey Bayles
Matt Eyde
as Mike Anderson
Pamela Bel Anu
as Uniformed Policewoman
Jorge Pupo
as Reynaldo Rodriguez
Lucille Rivin
as Passport Worker
Thomas M. Allen
as Asst. ME James Herrick
Peter Galman
as Mr. McBride
Ron McClary
as Billie Mack
Joe Narciso
as Bob Simonetti
Victor Truro
as Appellate Judge #2
Clark Jackson
as Asst. ME Peterson
Harry Bouvy
as Sam Welby
Robert Harriell
as Mark Lawford
David Rosenbaum
as Arraignment Judge Berman
Joan Bogden
as Mrs. McBride
Peter Miller
as Bartender
Rafael Cabrera
as Detective #1
Joyce Curtis
as Uniformed Policeman
Frank Guy
as Jury Foreperson
Sondra James
as Manager
Robert Harte
as Student #1
Marina Durell
as Soledad Estrada
James Biberi
as Detective #2
Larry Paulsen
as Judge Adam Milgram
Gerry Rosenthal
as Student #2
Gregory Northrop
as Policeman #1
Rita Gardner
as Jury Foreperson
Manuel Terron
as Jorge Garcia
Sam Turich
as Uniformed Policeman
Harlin C. Kearsley
as CSU Officer
Joe Lo Truglio
as Policeman #2
Chris McGarry
as CSU Technician
Carlos Pizarro
as Luis Rodriguez
Frank Lombardi
as Uniformed Policeman
Peter Simpson
as CSU Officer
Al Cerullo
as Helicopter Pilot
Phyllis Bash
as Judge Jensen
Richard Duva
as CSU Tech
Brian Dykstra
as CSU Officer
Jeff Skowron
as Charles Bardo
Cesar De León
as Painter #1
Daniel Kaufman
as Uniformed Policeman
John Deyle
as Jury Foreperson
Henry Hill
as Token Booth Clerk
Roland Sands
as Jury Foreman
Floyd Resnick
as Sergeant
Brian Flanagan
as Uniformed Policeman
Christopher Burns
as Asst. ME Sullivan
Mary Ellen Ashley
as Jury Foreperson
David Dakotablu
as Jury Foreperson
Ron Domingo
as CSU Tech
Lee Cobb
as Sergeant
Jeannine Comeau
as Jury Foreperson
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