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Leverage (2008 - 2012)

Leverage (2008 - 2012)






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A drama about a team of high-tech Robin Hoods who scam greedy corporations and corrupt forces that have victimized average citizens. A sly former insurance sleuth captains the crack crew, which includes an eccentric expert thief; a computer virtuoso; a hardfisted "retrieval specialist"; and a grifter with ace thespian skills.more


Leverage: Season 5
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2012, TNT, 15 episodes

Leverage: Season 4
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2011, TNT, 18 episodes

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2010, TNT, 16 episodes

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2009, TNT, 15 episodes

Leverage: Season 1
Critics Consensus: Leverage is uneven and occasionally illogical, but its twisty, exciting plotting make for a caper series that's compelling and watchable.

2008, TNT, 13 episodes

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TV Network: TNT
Premiere Date: Dec 7, 2008
Executive Producers: Dean Devlin , Chris Downey
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Timothy Hutton
as Nate Ford
Aldis Hodge
as Alec Hardison
Christian Kane
as Eliot Spencer
Gina Bellman
as Sophie Devereaux
Dan Lauria
as Moscone
Greg Collins
as Lt. Stone
Brent Spiner
as William Quint
Saul Rubinek
as Victor Dubenich
Brian Goodman
as Jed Rucker
Beth Broderick
as Monica Hunter
Jeri Ryan
as Tara Cole
Cary Elwes
as Scott Roemer
Robert Pine
as Congressman Jenkins
Drew Powell
as Jack Hurley
Kevin E. West
as Erik Casten
George Castillo
as Brad Markland
Kevin Tighe
as Ian Blackpoole
Grace Hsu
as Gloria Pan
Tony Doupe
as Jack Howorth
Victor Morris
as Bob Corville
Richard Cox
as Charles Dufort
Nicole Sullivan
as Heather Moscone
Lauren Holly
as Tobey Earnshaw
William Wheeler
as Ray Pennington
Jake McLaughlin
as Robert Perry
Mark Sheppard
as Jim Sterling
Jack Armstrong
as William Taylor Price
Karen Lew
as Dr. Kwon
David Shatraw
as Henry Louis
Mark A. Sheppard
as Jim Sterling
Noa Tishby
as Mikel Dayan
Tom Choi
as Russell Pan
Richard Topping
as Mark Sanford
Alex Mentzel
as Widmark Fowler
Todd Robinson
as Adrian Chernov
Will Wallace
as Capt. Carpenter
Kari Matchett
as Maggie Collins
Tim Gouran
as Chronos
Kirk Bovill
as Sheriff Delahoussaye
Armin Shimerman
as Dr. Patemkin
Jen Hong
as Florence Ong
David Trice
as Foreman
Cathy Vu
as Theresa Kwon
Marty Ryan
as Inspector Khanenko
John Cragen
as Resort Manager
Erick Avari
as Dr. Darien Lloyd
Benedict Herrman
as Congressman Calloway
Tony Cicchetti
as Ray Palermo
Tim True
as Det. Samuels
Emil Beheshti
as Bank Agent
Ron Rogge
as Pilot
John Breen
as Police Officer
Inger Tudor
as Dr. Laroque
Gerald Downey
as McSweeten
Terence J. Rotolo
as Museum Guard No. 2
Ayanna Berkshire
as Sarah Pennington
Maria Russell
as Gloria Vargas
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