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Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth), an expert in how facial expressions and body language betray emotions, solves cases for law-enforcement agencies and whoever else hires him in this whodunit. In the pilot, a high-school teacher is murdered, and one of her students is caught running from her house; and the chairman of the House Ethics Committee is accused of patronizing a prostitute.


Tim Roth
as Cal Lightman
Kelli Williams
as Gillian Foster
Brendan P. Hines
as Will Loker
Brendan Hines
as Will Loker
Monica Raymund
as Ria Torres
Jake Thomas
as James Cooke
Kathryn Meisle
as Mary Cooke
Scott Paulin
as Gerald Cooke
Josh Stamberg
as Hutchinson
Tim Griffin
as Principal Castle
Tyrees Allen
as DNC Chairman
Tim Guinee
as Ron Foster
Johanna Braddy
as Jacquelin Mathis
Jim Holmes
as Skinhead's Attorney
Georgia Hatzis
as Ausa Estin
Donna Casey
as Susan McCartney
Bryan C. Hearne
as Track Team Student
Wayne Dalglish
as Photography Club Student
Jamie McBride
as Skinhead
Carlos Cervantes
as ATF Asst. Director
Corey Tucker
as FBI Agent
M.D. Walton
as ATF Agent
Darren O'Hare
as FBI Agent No. 2
Jeffrey Addiss
as Porsche Driver
Suzanne Marques
as Newsanchor
Ted Garcia
as Reporter No. 1
Melissa McCarty
as Reporter No. 2
Michelle Noh
as Corporate Woman
Michael Spellman
as Married Guy
Vince Duvall
as Handsome Guy
Carla Jeffrey
as Female Student
Chris Vaughn
as Football Player
Erin Matthews
as Handsome Guy's Girlfriend
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