Love Always


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The team is assigned to protect the South Korean ambassador, a presidential candidate in his country and the object of death threats, during his son's wedding. The ambassador isn't shot but his son is, and Cal doesn't think it was the result of bad aim. Besides, everyone in the wedding party seems to have something to hide.


Tim Roth
as Cal Lightman
Kelli Williams
as Gillian Foster
Brendan Hines
as Will Loker
Brendan P. Hines
as Will Loker
Monica Raymund
as Ria Torres
Kevin Han Yee
as Amb. Park Jung-Soo
Tim Guinee
as Alec Foster
Tom Verica
as Paul Aronson
Brian Tee
as Bodyguard (Han Yong-Dae)
Jake Johnson (XVI)
as Videographer No. 2
Nadine Ellis
as Female Secret Service Agent
Chase Kim
as Male Secret Service Agent
Bill Doyle
as Hugo Boss Guy
David Lee
as Groomsman No. 1
Charles Chun
as Korean Man
Zachary Knower
as Videographer No. 1
David J. Lee
as Groomsman No. 1
Patrick Cavanaugh
as Groomsman No. 2
Robert Bueth
as Angry Guest
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