Episode Three


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Warwick launches his Web site, but winds up regretting a confrontation with an anonymous commenter. Meanwhile, Warwick jumps at the chance to work on a film with Helena Bonham Carter; and tries to steal the spotlight in an interview with the BBC.


Warwick Davis
as Warwick Davis
Ricky Gervais
as Ricky Gervais
Stephen Merchant
as Stephen Merchant
Rosamund Hanson
as Cheryl
Jon Key
as Anthony
Anthony Welsh
as BBC Director
Victoria Hollins
as BBC Presenter
Dean Whatton
as Little Jesus
Binde Johal
as Brokeback #1
Steve Haze
as Brokeback #2
Rupert Holliday Evans
as Police Officer
Rupert Holliday-Evans
as Police Officer
Jack Binstead
as Justin Palmer
Christian Stevens
as Little Lord
Kerry Shale
as Film Director
as Nobby
The Shend
as Nobby
Sarah Bennett
as Little Sharon Stone
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