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Louie (2010 - 2015)

Louie (2010 - 2015)





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Comedian Louis C.K. plays himself, sort of, in a sitcom about a newly single stand-up comic raising his two daughters in New York City.
Creator: Louis C.K.

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Critics Consensus: A renewed focus on the show's singular blend of sincerity and hilarity keep Louie at the top of its game.

2015, FX, 8 episodes

Critics Consensus: Thanks to Louis C.K.'s unique brand of awkward, brutally honest humor, Louie remains one of the best written and most relatable comedies on television.

2014, FX, 14 episodes

Critics Consensus: Louie continues its evolution as a show that deftly -- and bravely -- juggles comedy, philosophy, and raunch.

2012, FX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2011, FX, 14 episodes

Critics Consensus: Acerbic, offensive, and smart, Louie has an air of melancholy that separates it from other pessimistic sitcoms.

2010, FX, 13 episodes


Dane Cook
as Dane Cook
Joan Rivers
as Joan Rivers
Keni Thomas
as Himself
Bob Saget
as Himself
Paul Rudd
as Himself
Maria Dizzia
as Delores
Jay Leno
as Himself
Chris Rock
as Himself
David Lynch
as Jack Dall
Garry Marshall
as Lars Tardigan
Greg Gutfeld
as Himself
Ted Alexandro
as Flyer Comic
Stephen Root
as Dr. Hepa
Eunice Anderson
as Aunt Ellen
Doug Stanhope
as Eddie Mack
Gary Wilmes
as Patrick
Don Pugsley
as General
Ashton Landgraf
as Cheerleader
as Godfrey
Todd Glass
as Guy on Phone
Gregg Rogell
as Himself
Filip Pogady
as Young Musician With a Violin
Allan Havey
as Himself
Artie Lange
as Truck Driver
Chuck Sklar
as Osama bin Laden
Grant Shaud
as Eddie Faye
Liza Colon-Zayas
as Miss Hernandez
Max Behren
as Young Louie
Angela Gould
as Elevator Woman
Michael Drumgold
as Open Mic Comedian No. 4
Carmen Lopez
as Ramon's Mother
Gregg "Opie" Hughes
as Radio Show Producer
Ian Jarvis
as Moderator
Louis Iacovino
as Bathing Bum
Casey Siemaszko
as Homeless Man
Dan Ziskie
as Sheriff
Jo Tanner
as Nurse
Megan Hilty
as Heckler
Todd Berry
as Himself
Stephanie Berry
as Principal
Lucio Fernandez
as Gypsy Cab Driver
Edmund Ikeda
as Chinese Man
Kathleen Butler
as Naked Woman
Ana Kayne
as Jasmine
Chris Gethard
as Open Mic Host
Rachel Stern
as Bartender
Tracee Chimo
as Dog Pound Volunteer
Ashley Beach
as Elegant Blonde Woman
Heidi Armbruster
as Louie's Sitcom Wife
Gillian Glasco
as Arguing Woman
Cliff Samora
as Patient
Liz Morton
as Doreen
Moises Acevedo
as Jock No. 4
Delle Irani
as BBC Announcer
Ali Ahn
as Wanda
Will Brill
as Guy No. 1
Bonita Elery
as Tarese's Sister
Isaiah Stokes
as Drugstore Employee
Jenn Lyon
as Eunice
Josh Akin
as Young Man
Ryah Nixon
as Waitress
Tom Noonan
as Dr. Haveford
Jack A. O'Connell
as Casino Manager
Mesrop Agadzhanyan
as Afghan Soldier
Jay Horton
as Bartender
Samia Akudo
as Flight Attendant
Carla Corvo
as College Girl No. 1
Abraham Alvarez
as Louie's Father
Leo Goodman
as Open Mic Comedian No. 1
Kate Gilligan
as Anchorwoman
Sam Haft
as Young East Village Dude
Amir Blumenfeld
as Nervous Young Writer
Marko Sawyer
as Homeless Man
Marisa Vural
as Waitress
Sawyer Swanson
as Young Louie
Bill Krakauer
as Turkish Man
Liam Broggy
as Little Boy
Ryan Fitzsimmons
as Man With Janice
Lucy Spain
as Joan Fan
Robyn Payne
as Ticket Agent
Jay Oakerson
as Bathroom Guy
Linda Turley
as Waitress
Todd Davis
as City Worker
Frank Carlo
as Jock No. 1
Rhonda Hansome
as Open Mic Comedian No. 2
Nicole Ehinger
as Young Tammy
Clinton Lowe
as Thug No. 2
Deborah LaCoy
as Real-Estate Agent
Nilaja Sun Gordon
as Woman on Phone
Katy Grenfell
as Parent No. 3
Nick Kocher
as Young Eddie
Sujoy De
as Cashier
Otis Edward Cotton
as Taxi Driver No. 2
Tyler Kenney
as Jock No. 2
Kim Sykes
as Chris Rock's Wife
Meghan Rafferty
as Parent No. 2
Nimo Gandhi
as Taxi Driver No. 1
Ali Farahnakian
as Veteran Writer
Michael Torpey
as Real-Estate Agent
Demosthenes Crysan
as Deli Manager
Aziza Miulli
as Open Mic Comedian No. 5
Jeremy Shinder
as Never Cartesian
Sarah Wong
as Louie Fan's Girlfriend
Christina Gausas
as Ticket Agent
Christine Donlon
as Jeff's Wife
Dennis Robinson
as Jock No. 3
Patrick O'Neill
as Young Louie
Reza Salazar
as Thug No. 1
Roberto Hill
as Joan's Assistant
JB Smoove
as Grave Digger
Ryan Hovhannissian
as Boy With Stick
Stephen Dym
as Joan Fan
Rene Ojeda
as Liquor Store Owner
Justin James Lang
as Man With Axe Thru Neck
Bobby Johnson
as Kissing Gentleman No. 1
Jay Leibowitz
as Drunk Guy
Daniel Marshall
as Kissing Gentleman No. 2
Dylan Prince
as Joan Fan
Laurine Towler
as Parent No. 1
as Open Mic Comedian No. 3
Michael Ingram
as Angry Man
Annie Purcell
as College Girl No. 3
Austin Jones
as Heckler No. 1
Alicia Sable
as College Girl No. 2
Julie Turkowski
as Screaming Girl
Ernest Sampson
as Delivery Man
Amir Levy
as Restaurant Host
Jose Soto
as Arguing Man
Heléne Yorke
as Hot Girl
Johnnie Mae
as TSA Supervisor
Dustin Olson
as Heckler No. 2
Cary Woodworth
as Guy No. 2
Nancy Robinette
as Passenger
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