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An infectious six-part comedy series brimming with humour, heart and mild genital discomfort. Scrotal Recall follows the disastrous exploits of 20-something romantic Dylan who must contact all the girls he has ever slept with to inform them that he has chlamydia. In a flashback to four years ago, Dylan has been seeing Bethany for several months, but when she invites her protective big brother over to dinner a terrifying thought occurs to him that he has fallen into a serious relationship with her. Meanwhile, Luke drags Evie away from an important photography assignment to go to his work bowling night, hoping to find out why his new boss Diana has turned all the women in the office against him. But when Evie's camera gets stolen, Dylan is asked to escape from his disastrous dinner in order to bring her spare one. A very public melee with a remorseless thief ensues. Back in the present day, Bethany makes Dylan question whether revealing his true feelings to Evie is actually the right thing to do.