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In the third episode of Joss Whedon's action-packed US drama series, Coulson and his S.H.I.E.L.D. agents must race against the clock to locate brilliant scientist Dr Franklin Hall, who has been kidnapped. Skye provides the team's only way in to crack the case, but the agents are pushed to their limits when the entire plan is suddenly turned upside down.


Clark Gregg
as Phil Coulson
Ming-Na Wen
as Melinda May
Elizabeth Henstridge
as Jemma Simmons
Ian Hart
as Dr. Franklin Hall
David Conrad
as Ian Quinn
Josh Cowdery
as Agent Tyler
Bodie Newcomb
as Agent Mack
Scott Subiono
as Todd Chesterfield
Vachik Mangassarian
as Qasim Zaghlul
Assaf Cohen
as Translator
Brandon Molale
as Quinn's Main Guard
Gabriel Luna
as Ghost Rider
Adrianne Palicki
as Barbara "Bobbi" Morse
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