Where Were You When... ?


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When Allison has flashes to a specific time in the future, she feels powerless to stop a catastrophic event from happening.


Patricia Arquette
as Allison DuBois
Jake Weber
as Joe DuBois
Miguel Sandoval
as DA Manuel Devalos
Sofia Vassilieva
as Ariel DuBois
Maria Lark
as Bridgette DuBois
David Cubitt
as Det. Lee Scanlon
Madison Carabello
as Marie DuBois
Clancy Brown
as Rob Walcott
David Burke
as Gavin Finch
Angela Paton
as Mrs. Halstead
Rick Gifford
as Booth Guard No. 1
Stoney Westmoreland
as Russ O'Toole
Jennifer Chang
as Secretary
Caroline Kinsolving
as History Teacher
Jodi Fleisher
as Art Teacher
Michael Manuel Torres
as Booth Guard No. 2
Jack Harding
as Goateed Man
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