Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus
Monk Season 2

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This week's murder victim is Serge Cluvarias (Marek Probosz), the much-despised ringmaster for the Dratch and Denby Circus. Monk is convinced that the killer is Serge's tempestuous ex-wife, celebrated high wire artiste Natasia Lovara (Lolita Davidovich). Trouble is, eyewitnesses to the murder insist that the masked killer had jumped down from a high rooftop to do the dirty deed, then performed a somersault before escaping--but Natasia had fractured her foot two weeks before Serge's death, and has the X-rays to prove it. By the time Monk has assembled the clues necessary to close in on the killer, another hapless circus performer suffers "Death By Elephant"!

Cast & Crew

Tony Shalhoub
Adrian Monk
Ted Levine
Capt. Leland Stottlemeyer
Bitty Schram
Sharona Fleming
Jason Gray-Stanford
Lt. Randall Disher
Kane Ritchotte
Benjy Fleming
Stanley Kamel
Dr. Charles Kroger
Lolita Davidovich
Natasha Lovara
Lola Glaudini
Ariana Dakkar
Steve Monroe
Sgt. Myers
Mark Ivanir
Edgar Heinz
Lance Krall
Floppy the Clown
Hy Conrad
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