Mr. Monk and the Naked Man
Monk Season 6

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Despite his lifelong phobia regarding naked people, Monk (Tony Shalhoub) agrees to investigate a murder at a nudist beach. His discomfort amongst the "au naturel" crowd almost leads Monk to align himself with the chief suspect, software billionaire Peter Magneri (Alfred Molina), who has been trying to rezone the beach and kick the nudists out. As the story rolls on, Monk ends up hotly pursuing the wrong suspect, Chance Singer (Diedrich Bader), a mistake which may prove fatal unless the detective can get back on the right track by tracing the root cause of his "nude-o-phobia."

Cast & Crew

Tony Shalhoub
Adrian Monk
Ted Levine
Capt. Leland Stottlemeyer
Traylor Howard
Natalie Teeger
Jason Gray-Stanford
Lt. Randall Disher
Stanley Kamel
Dr. Charles Kroger
Angela Kinsey
Arlene Boras
Alfred Molina
Peter Magneri
Diedrich Bader
Chance Singer
Lea Moreno
Vickie Deline
Ali Damji
Uniform Cop
Andi Matheny
2nd Female Nudist
Darlene Kegan
TV Reporter
George Alvarez
2nd Male Nudist
Jay Scorpio Powell
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