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Liv is all things to all people: a single mum to two young boys, a housing officer for vulnerable adults, a university student and a loyal daughter to her difficult and demanding dad. She is pulled in so many directions that she has little time to think of herself, and even less opportunity to build a meaningful relationship. A chance encounter with supply teacher Aiden ignites a spark that offers Liv a real chance of the happiness and love she deserves. But Liv has a secret that threatens to ruin everything. Once a week, after dropping the boys at school, Liv dutifully travels to the prison where her father Kris is serving a lengthy sentence. These visits have dominated her life since the kids were small, and although she tries to protect them from this grim reality, they know more than she realises. Ashamed by her father's criminal past, and with her mother thousands of miles away in Norway, Liv struggles to let anyone past the walls she has built to conceal the truth, let alone a man she barely knows. When an incident at the prison threatens to blow her cover and ruin her blossoming romance, will she finally let down her guard enough to make a go of things with Aiden? And will this newfound honesty also allow her to tell Kris of the heartache and loneliness he has caused her for all these years?


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