The Velveteen Touch of a Dandy Fop


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In this episode of Mr. Show, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross take on self-congratulatory celebrities and their charitable works. Bob takes the stage to introduce the show while running in place, part of his "Annual Ten Day Run for People With Full-Blown Entitilitus." David tries to demonstrate his own charitable leanings, pointing out that "David's Kids," a trio of wide-eyed moppets, are in the audience. Bob points out that this doesn't count, because they're actually David's illegitimate children. Bob has to explain the meaning of charity to David -- "Charity is something you do for people while other people are watching." Bob also calls a blind man, Gary (David), to read him the funnies. It turns out Gary is a successful, busy executive, but as he puts it, "I like to take a few minutes to let a non-handicapped person 'help' me. It gives a sense of purpose to their otherwise meaningless existence." There's also a sketch about "Coupon: The Movie," a huge Hollywood flop, for which a movie executive (John Ennis) berates his staff. As one of them indignantly points out, "People love the coupon. They should love the movie!" Another movie exec (David) says they shouldn't blame themselves, but the public. "They tricked us into believing that this coupon is what they wanted to see," he rants. "The American public has screwed the movie industry over for the last time!" The movie company successfully sues America, and everyone is sentenced to one viewing of the film. Naturally, the film people use the judge's ruling -- "This is the movie all of America must see"-- as a blurb in their ad campaign.


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