The Story Of Everest (Episode 4)
Mr. Show With Bob and David Season 4

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In the opening of this episode, Mr. Show is shown as "a Lethal Injeckshun Production," executive produced by the imprisoned Sweetie Pie Jonus (Freez Luv), who seems to be modeled on felonious rap mogul Suge Knight. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross begin the show with a ridiculous skit, which is interrupted by Jonus, who is broadcasting live via satellite. "I cut that scene, fools," he tells them, exhorting them to "Funny that sh** up." This segues into a sketch about a new program that "allows criminals to be productive members of society while serving out their sentences." The home of Larry Cleest (Bob) is shown, with signs outside proclaiming "Beware of Rapist." Another man (Jay Johnston) follows him wherever he goes, shouting a warning, and wearing a sandwich board that says, "I'm with a rapist." Larry is shown at his job, where he is making cold calls. "Hello, I'm Larry Cleest," he tells potential clients, "I'm a rapist. Have you considered insurance?" "People don't seem to be interested in insurance these days," Larry complains, "I think the industry's in a slump." Another sketch is the Goodfellas parody, "Pallies," which includes a character nicknamed "One Time" (David), because he says everything one time. This turns out to be the "edited for television" version of the film, with the violence and foul language edited out, leaving an incomprehensible jumble in which characters call each other "mother fathers." The show ends with Johnston returning home in the 1920s to tell his parents about conquering Mount Everest. While telling the tale, he keeps stumbling backward into his mother's thimble collection, sending it crashing to the ground. When his brother arrives, his father urges Johnston, "Tell him the story." When he begins his tale, his father interrupts -- "No, not about Everest. About you slipping."

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