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Rolly is still in Afghanistan when Dawn goes into labor early, so Kenneth takes his place as the birth coach. Meanwhile, Dawn's old friends support her from the waiting room, and some uncomfortable confrontations occur.


Michael Stahl-David
as Steven Foster
Kelli Garner
as Dawn Barbuso
Jaime King
as Jacqueline "Jackie" Vachs
Keir O'Donnell
as Kenneth Finley
Mehcad Brooks
as Rolly Marks
Anne Son
as Caroline Chung
Daniella Alonso
as Brenda Serrano
Julian Morris
as Anders Holt
Elizabeth Keener
as The Filmmaker
Caleb Huan
as Tom Chung
Babs George
as Joyce Foster
Laura Clifton
as Allison Finley
Jeff Gibbs
as Kenneth's Dad
Jon Davis
as Roger Darling
Ryan Jarrell
as PFC Riggs
Jorge Cisneros
as PFC Jenkins
Greg Liem
as SPC Yang
Brett Aycock
as SSG Waterhouse
Brian Braddock
as PFC Duncan
Keith Swallow
as SGT Creech
Nikki Donley
as Rolly's Mom
Samson Pleasant
as Rolly's Dad
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