Nature: Season 16 (1997 - 1998)


Season 16

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Air date: Oct 12, 1997

A study of "Toothwalkers: Giants of the Arctic Ice"---saber-toothed walruses that are a major food source for the Inuit people. Filmmakers accompany an Inuit hunting party in Canada's Northwest Territories to learn more about this formidable creature.

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Air date: Oct 19, 1997

Exploring the magnificent Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, where the Colorado River has carved gorges and towering cliffs over 3 million years. The hour looks at desert flowers and canyon denizens such as bighorn sheep, bark scorpions, tarantulas.

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Air date: Nov 9, 1997

The Emmy award-winning PBS series Nature goes behind the scenes at the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park in this documentary, exploring the many interesting animals that can be found there and offering intriguing stories about their care.

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Air date: Nov 16, 1997

Studying elephants' ability to adapt to varied environments. Included: researchers probe the myth of the pygmy elephant of the rain forest, and follow forest elephants that live in small family units in central Africa.

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Air date: Dec 7, 1997

Examining efforts to save orangutans from extinction at a rehabilitation center in Borneo, where the apes are later released into the wild. Also: footage of an orangutan birth; a study in which apes learn communication with humans.

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Air date: Jan 18, 1998

Exploring otters as they frolic at Yellowstone Lake, a powerhouse of geothermal activity, where the warmth beneath the rocks sustains life, even in winter. Also seen: bald eagles performing an airborne bonding ritual.

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Air date: Feb 1, 1998

Filmmakers explore a region of the Brazilian rain forest to find three species of marmoset, the smallest monkey in the world. There, they find a fourth species previously known only to the Satare Maues Indians, who believe marmosets are reincarnations of their own children.

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Air date: Mar 1, 1998

Exploring aquatic life along the Pacific coast of British Columbia, where colorful undersea creatures live in the pounding surf. Included: a palm tree-shaped sea anemone seen doing a sensual "dance."

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Air date: Mar 29, 1998

"The Secret Garden" probes the "suburban jungle" of bugs, slugs, birds, snakes and wildlife that inhabit backyard gardens. Included: mating snails that "touch each other with shameless abandon"; a beetle with a taste for tadpoles; weeds that vie for space and light.

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Air date: Apr 26, 1998

This installment of the series Forces of the Wild explores the beginning of our solar system and our planet. Actor James Earl Jones narrates this journey to comprehend how we came to be. The same forces that created our planet also affect how life was created. Look into our own planet to find some of the answers. Each program in the series includes natural history footage, computer animation, and time-lapse sequences to help illustrate the concepts that are presented. The series is appropriate for grades seven and higher.

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