Touched by the Sun


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The team must determine if human error or technical malfunction led to the death of a combat pilot who crashed in a high-tech jet that had just been approved to be deployed to military bases on a global scale.


Scott Bakula
as Dwayne Pride
Lucas Black
as Christopher LaSalle
Zoe McLellan
as Meredith Brody
CCH Pounder
as Dr. Loretta Wade
Rob Kerkovich
as Sebastian Lund
Leslie Hope
as SecNav Sarah Porter
Christopher Meyer
as Danny Malloy
Christopher Meyer
as Danny Malloy
Chad Michael Collins
as Navy Lieutenant Val Franco
James MacDonald
as Marine Captain Tom Garrett
Ellen Wroe
as Navy Lieutenant Lindsay Garrett
Sumalee Montano
as Melanie Pratt
Dani Dare
as CJ Malloy
Alec Rayme
as Navy Lieutenant Mike Dougan
Trey Burvant
as Navy Commander Grant Wilson
Ash Taylor
as Lead NSC Representative Dave Schram
Robert Larriviere
as Doctor Ned Fiske
Carly Plotkin
as Little Girl
Shalita Grant
as Sonja Percy
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