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The Golden Globe-winning drama explores the world of plastic surgery and the extreme lengths one takes in the quest for external beauty.

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Critics Consensus: Nip/Tuck wisely trains its focus on the relationship between the central duo of Christian and Sean during its final season, but this last hurrah often feels like an afterthought for a series that was left too long on the operating room table.

2009, FX, 19 episodes

Critics Consensus: The change of location has reinvigorated Nip/Tuck this season with a fresh humor enveloped in the show's dark ambiance.

2007, FX, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Nip/Tuck continues to inject outrageous fun on the airwaves with its combination of sweet and sour gags, but the series is beginning to show some wrinkles and is in need of a narrative facelift.

2006, FX, 15 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2005, FX, 15 episodes

Critics Consensus: Nip/Tuck's sophomore season peels back some its predecessors' excesses to reveal a beating heart at the center of its soapy theatrics, elevated by a sterling cast and some genuinely subversive twists.

2004, FX, 16 episodes

Critics Consensus: Nip/Tuck is a slick melodrama that cuts deep when it mines the pathos of its vivid ensemble, but the series' calling card grotesquerie and gaudy symbolism can be more of a hindrance than a boon.

2003, FX, 13 episodes


Dylan Walsh
as Sean McNamara
Julian McMahon
as Christian Troy
Joely Richardson
as Julia McNamara
John Hensley
as Matt McNamara
Kelsey Lynn Batelaan
as Annie McNamara
Roma Maffia
as Liz Cruz
Linda Klein
as Teddy Rowe
Kelly Carlson
as Kimber Henry
Vanessa Redgrave
as Erica Noughton
Robert LaSardo
as Escorbar Gallardo
Jonathan Del Arco
as Sophia Lopez
Sanaa Lathan
as Michelle Landau
Robert La Sardo
as Escobar Gallardo
Kelly Carlson
as Kimber Henry
Larry Hagman
as Burt Landau
Seth Gabel
as Adrian Moore
Bruno Campos
as Quentin Costa
Rebecca Gayheart
as Natasha Charles
Rhona Mitra
as Kit McGraw
Alec Baldwin
as Dr. Barrett Moore
Joey Slotnick
as Merrill Bobolit
Valerie Cruz
as Grace Santiago
William Belli
as Cherry Peck
Georg Stanford Brown
as James Sutherland
Willam Belli
as Cherry Peck
Phillip Rhys
as Jude Watson
Kate Mara
as Vanessa
Rebecca Metz
as Abby Mays
Brittany Snow
as Ariel Alderman
Mario López
as Dr. Mike Hamoui
Jennifer Hall
as Monica Wilder
Alanis Morissette
as Dr. Poppy Montgomery
Brooke Shields
as Dr. Faith Wolper
Peter Dinklage
as Marlowe Sawyer
Paula Marshall
as Kate Tinsley
Bradley Cooper
as Aidan Stone
Portia de Rossi
as Olivia Lord
John Schneider
as Ram Peters
Oliver Platt
as Freddy Prune
Sharon Gless
as Colleen Rose
Katee Sackhoff
as Teddy Rowe
Rose McGowan
as Teddy Rowe
Holly King
as Porn Nurse Kimberley
Julie Warner
as Megan O'Hara
Anne Heche
as Nikki Morretti
Ruth Williamson
as Hedda Grubman
Damien Leake
as Christian's Oncologist
Candis Cayne
as Alexis Stone
Kathy Baker
as Gail Pollack
Adhir Kalyan
as Raj Pareesh
Leslie Grossman
as Bliss Berger
Danica Sheridan
as Lola Wlodkowski
Neil Hopkins
as Brendan McNamara
Gilles Marini
as Renaldo Panetierre
Jennifer Coolidge
as Candy Richards
Melissa Gilbert
as Shari Noble
Morgan Fairchild
as Herself (as Colleen Rose)
Hans Tester
as Bjorn Anderson
Maggie Siff
as Rachel Ben Natan
Lisa Darr
as Darlene
Michele Greene
as Illana Manning
Parker Croft
as Jared 'Enigma' McCloud
Jaime Ray Newman
as Daphne Pendell
Tom Wright
as Det. Al Chavies
Tom Hallick
as Bank Loan Officer
Eric Stonestreet
as Wesley Clovis
Joan McMurtrey
as Amanda McCloud
Lee Garlington
as Briggitte Reinholt
Geoffrey Rivas
as Silvio Perez
Patti D'Arbanville
as Wallis Forsythe
Doug Savant
as Joel Gideon
Bryce Johnson
as Cpl. Oliver Brandt
Jill Clayburgh
as Bobbi Broderick
Kathleen Turner
as Cindy Plumb
Linda Hunt
as Voice of Authority
Melinda Dahl
as Mandi Dante
Todd Waring
as Garth McCloud
Tina Lifford
as Warden DeMarco
Alex Carter
as Cliff Mantegna
J.K. Simmons
as Ike Connors
Chi Moui Lo
as Budi Sabri
Chi-Muoi Lo
as Budi Sabri
Lauren Hutton
as Fiona McNeil
Alyson Reed
as Kate Fitzgerald
Natsuko Ohama
as Mrs. Park
Vincent Angell
as Kurt Dempsey
Meera Simhan
as Dr. Mira Mukhtar
Scott Atkinson
as Steve O'Brien
Raymond Cruz
as Alejandro Perez
Caitlin Dahl
as Randi Dante
Lindsay Hollister
as Nanette Babcock
Aisha Tyler
as Manya Mabika
Wayne Knight
as Jason Blum
Nancy Hirsch
as Side-Pony Nurse
Sal Lopez
as Julio Esperanza
Amy Farrington
as Abigail Sullivan
Gary Graham
as Russ Martel
Barry Bostwick
as Roger Payne
Kathy Lamkin
as Momma Boone
Dean Harris
as Mark Noble
Kiersten Warren
as Jenny Juggs
Marlee Matlin
as Barbara Shapiro
Jeff Hephner
as Kyle Ainge
José Zúñiga
as Det. Cyrus
Geoffrey Lewis
as Dr. Marcus Grayson
Suzanne Krull
as Donut Counter Lady
Camille Saviola
as Sonja Thomas
Janet Haley
as Waitress
Kathleen Rose Perkins
as Wilbur's Teacher
Donna Mills
as Lulu Grandiron
Cyia Batten
as Girl in Bar
Daphne Zuniga
as Carly Summers
Todd Cahoon
as Bob Levitz
Allison McAtee
as Bartender
Mark Attebury
as Don Hoberman
Suzanne Cryer
as Mrs. Wells
as Christian's Lap Dancer
Brando Eaton
as Ricky Wells
Shauna Bloom
as Mrs. Praline
Lloyd Weaver
as Boxing Instructor
as Raquel
Jan Hoag
as Mortician
Idalis de Leon
as Gala Gallardo
Shari Belafonte
as Catherine Wicke
Craig Bierko
as Bob Easton
Dina Meyer
as Roxy St. James
Iqbal Theba
as Vijay Pareesh
Connor Byrnes
as 10-Year-Old Boy
Wendy Turner
as ER Nurse
Idalis DeLeon
as Gala Gallardo
Steven J. Oliver
as August Walden
Anne Marie Howard
as Paula Hoberman
Dylan Ramsey
as Suicide Bomnber
Stark Sands
as Conor (age 20)
Michael Des Barres
as Everett Poe
Joan Van Ark
as Annette Wainwright
Misha Collins
as Manny Skerritt
Brenda Vaccaro
as Beatrice Mason
Deborah Shelton
as Marla Middleton
Anthony Cistaro
as Stephen Ausbury
Gregory Mikurak
as Chris Wells
Elaine Hausman
as Allegra Calderello
Susan Blakely
as Valerie Farrell
Susan Griffiths
as Joyce Monroe
Brooke Dillman
as Jan Tooney
Kevin Cooney
as Dr. Hughes
Richard Sabine
as Diamond Salesman
Merilee Brasch
as Sharon Monroe
George Coe
as Dr. Joshua Lee
Beth Gargan
as Tracy Shelly
Wendy Glenn
as Giselle Blaylock
Gerard Sanders
as Boat Salesman
Drew Pillsbury
as Robert Wells
Richard Portnow
as Manny Calderello
Tia Carrere
as Mistress Dark Pain
as Evetta Washington
Rick Boggs
as Marcus Jones
Gary Basaraba
as Assailant
John Fleck
as Gene Shelly
AnnaMaria DeMara
as Sexy Latina
Jacqueline Hickel
as Receptionist
Graham Shiels
as Legend Chandler
Mary Pat Gleason
as Christmas Carol
Lawrence Zarian
as Berkowitz Twin
Joyce Guy
as Policewoman
Grainger Hines
as Dr. Harland Frank
Jai Rodriguez
as Chaz Darling
Gregory Zarian
as Berkowitz Twin
Justin Klinger
as Nurse Billy
Leslie Bega
as Photographer
Robyn Moran
as Wendy 2
Kristina Krofft
as Stage Mom
J. Paul Boehmer
as Cryogenics Representative
Michael Mantell
as Julia's Doctor
Kelly King
as Victoria
Jennifer Naimo
as Casting Director
Heather Ott
as Assistant Director
Richard Burgi
as Logan Taper
Jackie Debatin
as Mrs. Collins
Angel Oquendo
as Oscar Auneilles
Linda I. Sands
as Christian's Lover
Miki Mia
as Nurse
Daniel Polo
as Santa Shooter
Tom Nobles
as Charlie Essence
Catherine Chiarelli
as Dancer No. 1
Ali Raymer
as Gina Lookalike
Angela Gibbs
as Mrs. Jennings
Heather Olt
as Assistant Director
Ann Marie Hall
as Dancer No. 2
Tony Winters
as Mr. Jennings
Armando Pucci
as Anthony Esposito
Paul Papadakis
as Steve Stevens
Delores Clay
as Perfume Girl
Troy Kirby
as Posse Dancer No. 1
as Teen Wilber
James Price
as Fat Elvis
Lynn Manning
as Maitre d'
Lauren Thompson
as Chemo Nurse
Tedd Szeto
as Caroler
Brandon Barton
as Posse Dancer No. 2
Craig Reed
as Construction Worker
Palmer Scott
as Nigel the Director
Russell Wright
as Posse Danvcer No. 3
Lisa Stanley
as Caroler
Bret Shefter
as Caroler
Ho Lo
as Paramedic
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Series Details

TV Network: FX
Premiere Date: Jul 22, 2003
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Ryan Murphy, Michael M. Robin, Lyn Greene, Richard Levine, Sean Jablonski, Jennifer Salt, Brad Falchuk, Greer Shephard, Michael Robin
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