Mrs. Grubman


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Sean and Julia are shocked to discover that 8-year-old Annie is entering puberty already. While struggling with their own issues regarding aging, they try to help their daughter understand what's happening to her. Julia serves the family a healthy but bizarre meal that is supposed to improve their mental health, but Matt refuses to eat it and upsets Annie by making cruel comments about her menstruation. Later, Sean and Julia fear that Annie has food poisoning when they must rush her to the emergency room with a dangerously high fever, dehydration and numbness. But the real problem with Annie is much more scary for them to cope with. Also, Julia introduces her new friend, "life coach" Ava Moore, to Matt, hoping that she will help him cope with his tumultuous emotions. Meanwhile, Christian reels from meeting the biological father of Gina's baby, a dignified, married and much older black man, James Sutherland (GEORG STANFORD BROWN), who had a one-night stand with Gina.


Dylan Walsh
as Sean McNamara
Julian McMahon
as Christian Troy
Joely Richardson
as Julia McNamara
John Hensley
as Matt McNamara
Kelsey Lynn Batelaan
as Annie McNamara
Roma Maffia
as Liz Cruz
Valerie Cruz
as Grace Santiago
Kate Mara
as Vanessa
Kelly Carlson
as Kimber Henry
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